Bodhi doesn’t get nearly as much attention here as some of our other critters, in large part because he is a daddy’s dog and mommy writes the blog, but today he’s the center of attention.

Yesterday morning Marley noticed that Bodhi was squinting in his left eye and that the usual white color (Bodhi was born blind) was now brown. There was a bit of discharge as well. And my vet taught me never ever to fool with eye stuff, so Bodhi saw the vet last evening. (So glad we could get an appointment before what is expected to be a major snow event today!)

The pressures in a dog’s eye should be no higher than 25 and the pressure in his left eye was 70 – yikes!! And the brown color of the eye was blood. So one unhappy and painful eye. He has two eye meds for the moment and a pain med, but we are scheduling him for an eye enucleation (removal) as soon as feasible. Being blind, we’re not saving anything, and he will be scads more comfortable with it gone.

The pressure in his other eye was about 28, which is also high, but we are hoping to be able to reduce that and keep the eye, only because he has a medication for his diabetes insipidus that is an eye drop that supplies his missing hormone, given twice a day. Without it, he will simply leak urine all the time.

The challenges of an older dog! Bodhi is probably close to 9, which is certainly senior for a large dog, but hopefully we can get this all under control so he has some good years ahead still. Keep your paws crossed for the poor guy.

21 thoughts on “Bodhi Chronicles: Eye Trouble

  1. Prayers that everything will work itself out Our fur babies are as challenging if not more than human babies but we love them and take care of them just as well

    1. Especially challenging when they can’t tell us something hurts or is bothering them. It would have been so nice had Bodhi’s eye problem been clearer earlier, if only to prevent pain. But we will take care of it now.

  2. I’m sending prayers for dear Bodhi and Teddy is sending his large dose POTP! He’s so lucky to have you all looking out for him at this stage in his life (and always!).

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  3. I hate eye issues (that doesn’t surprise you!). Shortly after arriving, Gus came down with an eye infection and I got him to the vet fast. Fortunately it was cleared up with meds although giving him eye drops was no walk in the park. At least with Bodhi he can’t see you coming. I hope all goes well with him. He is such a sweetie and I’m glad he landed with you. I doubt he’d be alive if he hadn’t.

  4. Poor Guy! He is such a trooper, though. I hope the surgery can be scheduled soon to help with his pain. Paws are definitely crossed!

    1. Thank you. The reception team scheduled the surgery for a month from now, but vet said it had to be done urgently, so is scheduled for Friday thankfully. We are hoping, with the help of a medication, to keep the other eye stable for as long as we can. This getting old stuff – people and dogs and cats – is such a challenge!

    1. He will feel much better with it out. And since he has never been able to see, he’ll never even miss it! Surgery is scheduled for Friday thankfully.

  5. Oh, poor Bodhi!! (I haven’t been able to read blog posts this week, other than the little bit that shows up in the email preview.)

    I’m glad to see that the surgery has been pushed up to tomorrow! Definitely an urgent matter and kudos to the vet for that!! Hopefully the other eye will stabilize with the meds. Sending prayers up!!
    And asking Callie, Shadow, and Radar to watch over your boy as his guardian angels. And Ducky sends loads of POTP! I’m sending him love and belly rubs and whatever other kinds of “hugs” he likes. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈβ€οΈ

    1. We were really glad the vet had a surgery cancellation for Friday (tomorrow). Bodhi looks so uncomfortable, and he will be much better after that eye comes out. Thank you for all the prayers!

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