Bodhi Chronicles: Surgery Success

Bodhi is home from his surgery, and did fine, and we are relieved. The vet had a cancellation and was able to get him in today, rather than next week. We are so thankful for that…it was clear he was so uncomfortable, though like many dogs, he was stoic about it.

He looks a bit pathetic at the moment, with his eye socket swollen from the surgery, but he has some nice pain meds, an anti-inflammatory, and an antibiotic. And that evil cone of shame. He has a soft cone that should arrive tomorrow which will help, since bumping into things with the hard cone isn’t much fun. But he will feel better tomorrow and even better the next day, I’m sure. Lots of rest and TLC ahead for him. But just having that exploded eye out of there and the relieving of the pressure has to be a huge improvement.

A big PHEW!! for us…hopefully for him too. Thank you to all of you for your kind words and good thoughts and prayers for the guy.

29 thoughts on “Bodhi Chronicles: Surgery Success

    1. Our vet may not be Dr. Jeff, but she’s just as fabulous! I know he will feel much better soon. Thank you for caring!

  1. Great! I adopted Morgan two weeks out from surgery and Gracie 10 days out and both looked really good at that point. Gracie had just had her stitches out. Neither one missed the bad eye and I’m sure Bodhi will not either. Could he see shadows?

    1. He has never been able to see anything, not even shadows, so it wasn’t a difficult decision at all to remove the exploded eye! I know he will feel better soon.

  2. Stoic…that’s the part that hurts. If only they could talk and let us know…. I am so happy the surgery could be done sooner rather than later. Bodhi–you are amazing, sweet guy. And so are his parents. You guys are awesome.

    1. It would be so nice if they could tell us when and where they hurt. Thank you for your kind words,

    1. He’s not too comfortable tonight, though he is doped up on pain meds, but he’ll feel better tomorrow and better each day after. We’re looking forward to that!

  3. So happy the surgery was a success…..I know he might be miserable now but in no time at all he will be “coneless” and in no discomfort from that bad eye. Sending him a TON of POTP and hugs……….

    Love, Pam and Teddy

    1. You’re so right. We are very relieved to see him well on the road to being pain free. Thank you for the prayers and hugs!

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