Gracie, being the little diva that she is, has been a little peeved that the kittens we’ve fostered got their own year in review, and then Bodhi got all the attention. She has been quite clear with me that she expects equal time…pronto! So, just to keep the little belle happy, here’s a year of Gracie pictures in review. I hope they bring you as many smiles as the kitten photos did. (And if they don’t, please don’t tell Gracie!)


February, Therapy dog

March, freshly groomed


July, Dr. Gracie gets her Ph.D.

November: Gracie and Leelu

December: Today, after yesterday’s snow. Gracie must have been some snow breed in a past life. She loves the snow. And playing “fetch” in the snow. Crazy girl.

In case we aren’t here before next week, Gracie and I (and Leelu, Bodhi, Minh, Hiro, and Gilda) wish you a wonderful holiday, and a 2021 that is a bit brighter than most of 2020 has been!

22 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: Year in Review

  1. Gracie you really “shine” in all your photos! I hope Santa Claws brings you some special things since you are truly VERY SPECIAL.

    Hugs and Merry Christmas, Teddy (and Mom0

    1. That was a pretty funny picture! She’s so proud of herself. Merry Christmas to you too, Linda.

  2. You are down to three cats? Wow! I remember when you had 8! Gracie is just gorgeous. She can’t take a bad photograph. I bet even I could get a good one of her!

    1. Yes, three cats left after several passing in the last 2-3 years or so. Three is easier, though we have one who hates the other two and vice versa, which is still challenging sometimes. And yes, photographing Gracie is cheating…way too easy!

      1. Four isn’t bad if they get along. The only problem I have is that Sasha steals food for the others so I have to watch her. She knows she’s not supposed to because if I’m there she will sit when I tell her. When I turn my back she pushes them out of the way. She is a firecracker.

  3. Gracie….Dr Gracie–you are so cute and definitely deserve your own year in review. Such a little charmer. I hope Santa Paws is good to you. And Leelu, too!

    1. Oh dear, I’m not ready to crown her Queen!! Dr. Gracie is bad enough!!! We all wish you a bright and merry season as well. It has been nice getting to “know” you this year. Can’t wait until we can both return to dog therapy work regularly.

  4. Gracie is just too darn cute! And so photogenic! Love the February Therapy Dog photo! She’s just loving that belly rub!
    And the photo of her and Leelu is precious! (I’m so glad you adopted Leelu!)

    I know Santa Paws will be good to the furry members of the family; and sure he will be to you and Marley too. Merry Christmas to All!!

    1. Gracie is way too easy to photograph. Almost cheating. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!

    1. That May photo was fun to take. Had to work to figure out how to take that kind of motion shot, but it was fun and came out nicely. Glad you like it! Happy holidays to you and yours as well.

    1. They definitely are special. A fantastic breed. So sorry you lost both of yours recently.

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