Bodhi Chronicle: Eye Update

Bodhi went to the vet’s today for a recheck on the removed eye, to get the stitches out, and to see if the new eye drops are helping the remaining eye. Well, good news and less good news.

The removed eye socket has healed very nicely and the stitches came out, so all is well there. This photo is before they took the stitches out this morning, but you get the idea. Bodhi’s has been without the cone since Friday and is quite happy about that!

The less good news is that the pressures in the remaining eye went up a good bit, even with new eye drops, and it looks like he will lose that eye as well. We are trying two eye drops in combination for a few days, and a recheck on Saturday, but I don’t think the vet is very hopeful. Glaucoma is usually bilateral, so this isn’t a big surprise. I’m guessing he will have to have the other eye removed pretty soon so we avoid the misery he suffered with the first one.

The biggest challenge is that his medication for his Diabetes Insipidus is an eye drop, and with no eyes…well…that doesn’t work. The vet thinks there are some other options, and will be doing a little research. Wearing a belly band and leaking urine indiscriminately 24/7 would not be very much fun for anyone, especially Bodhi. Being a senior dog can be tough.

18 thoughts on “Bodhi Chronicle: Eye Update

    1. From my little piece of research, it looks like the Desmopressin drops he gets can also be administered intra-nasally. Which doesn’t sound like much fun, but at least it looks like an option. Desmopressin is the synthetic hormone that replaces his missing anti-diuretic hormone.

    1. May be he will get the same drops intra-nasally…from what I’ve read in the Merck manual. We shall see. I’d rather give a pill, but might not be an option.

    1. Hoping so too…as responded to others, giving the same drops intra-nasally may be the answer, per Merck manual, but we shall see! I’m no vet.

  1. Aw, poor sweet Bodhi. Well, at least the one eye socket has healed nicely. That’s something to be thankful for. Hopefully the vet will agree with you about administering the current drops intra-nasally. Or, even better, that there will be a pill option. Fingers crossed! And Ducky sends tons of POTP! ❀️❀️❀️❀️🐾🐾🐾🐾

    1. Thanks for the prayers. I’m just sorry the poor guy is likely going to have to have another surgery so soon.

  2. Oh dear……we’re so sorry – Bodhi was so brave with the operation and now to face the possibility of losing his other eye – well – all we know for sure is he couldn’t possibly be in a better place to handle whatever comes his way. We will hope for the best and for solutions to everything but LOVE is the best ingredient in healing for sure. POTP coming……..buckets of it!

    Hugs, Teddy (and Mom Pam)

    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts. We will all be glad when we can get this issue sorted and settled!

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