Our poor critters can’t seem to catch a break lately. Bodhi’s second eye looks bad, and the vet kindly scheduled him for surgery tomorrow morning (this morning by the time you see this), on New Year’s Eve because it really can’t wait. We’re sorting out how he will get the meds he has been getting in the form of eye drops, and he may be able to use the human pill form temporarily, but we will probably need to go with daily sub-Q injections of the compounded medication as the long-term solution. We have his belly band ready until we get the poor boy sorted out. My poor husband kindly went to the store and bought sanitary napkins for the belly band….he’s a good sport.

I noticed that one of our cats, Gilda, was looking a little thin and finally got my hands on her to weigh her this morning and she’s lost a significant amount of weight since her last vet appointment six months ago, when all her lab work was excellent. I would put some good money on her being hyperthyroid since she eats very well, isn’t drinking to excess, and is losing weight.

And one of our elderly cats, Hiro, has been struggling for a while now. He had lost some weight, but blood work was all fine. He is 15 and there’s only so much I will put him through at this point. We’re treating him symptomatically, working on trying to get him to eat as well as possible. He was doing well for a good while, but is doing less well now. They vet felt it was likely to be IBD or Lymphoma. Nothing showed up on x-ray. We’re doing what we would do for IBD, and for Lymphoma even, short of chemo and such which I’m not going to do at this advanced age. After the holiday it is probably time for another check to see if we know anything more, or we just do all that we can to keep him comfortable.

So out of our six pets, three are not doing so well. Gracie is fine, happily, and Leelu is managing as usual. She’s quite happy to be in our home and little by little her behavioral challenges move along in baby steps. Minh, our third cat is fine so far as I know, though he’s getting to be an old man too. And happily, the two foster kittens are fine, knock on wood.

The crazy end to the crazy year…let’s hope for some improvement in 2021!

18 thoughts on “Raining Sick Animals

  1. Gosh – dealing with one animal “child” with issues is tough enough but you have several and I know each of them is lucky to have you looking out for them. Sometimes it just seems like things happen in bunches – we hope the new year brings better times for ALL OF YOU!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. Wow! That’s a lot. As we’ve been going through all the move stuff, I realize how difficult this would have been for Mollie, not feeling well with all the commotion and upheaval. I can’t even imagine have three going on at once. Bodhi is such a lucky boy. He would be dead by now without you. Most people are not willing to do what you do to make their lives enjoyable. I hope you can manage this other issues in an easy way.

    1. Yup, Mollie would really have had a hard time with all the change. I think all issues are ultimately manageable. My biggest concern is Bodhi’s diabetes insipidus…hoping we can find an alternate way to administer the meds that works as well as the drops.

  3. I am sorry you have so many sick kitties. I will add them to my prayer list. I do recommend the Fancy Feast cans of kitten food as they have more calories.

    1. Thanks for your prayers. Hiro can’t actually eat FF or most foods – he just throws them up. But he has been doing really well on K&D Quinoa Digestive for the last year…hoping that continues for him. He absolutely hated the prescription diets!! And we’ve definitely increased the amount of food Gilda gets, but if she is hyperthyroid she is burning calories at a huge rate, which is easily solved with medication. Hopefully we get folks leveled out here soon!

  4. O M G! My heart goes out to all of you! As another reader said, dealing with one animal “child” with issues is tough enough. And I can relate to several at once – have gone through it myself – so I empathize with you and Marley. It’s so stressful and heartbreaking. But I know Bodhi and the kitties are in good hands. Sending the fur-kids POTP from Ducky and me, and sending you and Marley virtual hugs. And prayers for a much better year in 2021 for all of you.

  5. So sorry for this latest health report. May 2021 be a kinder, gentler year of health and happiness. Paws crossed for you and the infirmary. Ear rubs for dear Bodhi as he recovers from his second surgery.

    1. Amen on the better 2021, and I’ll be sure to give Bodhi an ear rub from you…he likes those a lot!

  6. I ‘liked’ this for the animals who are not sick. For the others….I hope they do well. Poor Bodhi. I hope everything gets resolved. Wishing you all a Happy 2021! It has gotta be better than this year!!

  7. Sending healing thoughts for your animals who are feeling under the weather. I understand fully what you are going through, having 7 cats here. Our oldest kitty Lucio (15 1/2 years) was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and started on methimazole last night. Hopefully this is the last insult 2020 can throw at us.

    1. I love that last sentence – the “last insult 2020 can throw at us.” Thank you for the giggle! Happy new year.

  8. Purryers and Power of the Paw to Bodhi, Hiro and Gilda – and you and all the others in your care. And a good New Year !

  9. Aging is no picnic… 😦 sorry to read of your challenges with half your crew. Hope things get sorted out for the better. Kisses and pats to Bodhi as he recovers.

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