A little enrichment for the day!

I’ve been reading a really excellent book on canine enrichment, which includes not just the usual games and such, but enrichment for dogs from about a dozen perspectives, including space, safety, and so much more. Excellent read and easy reading, written by two folks who have excellent qualifications in behavioral issues as well as dog training. It is linked above, but is called Canine Enrichment for the Real World.

It got me thinking about some more, well, enriching, activities for our dogs, especially since Leelu can’t walk 3-4 miles a day as we were doing for so many months. With her possible ACL injury, walks need to be shorter and a mile or so a day is more what we shoot for now. Plus it is just too damn cold at the moment. <g>

So every day, when Marley takes Bodhi out, Leelu and Gracie get a “find it” game. (They would knock into blind Bodhi, so we play this game when Bodhi’s out walking.) I take 20 3 calorie treats and divide each into thirds, so about 1 calorie per treat. And I scatter them all over the living room, dining room, and some near-by areas. Release the hounds, and the “Find it” game is on! Some are on the floor, some up on things, behind things, buried in dog beds, all sort of fun. It takes them about 10 minutes to find everything. I filmed a few minutes of it today to show you the game. Hope you enjoy!

And just fyi, Leelu is trailing a short lead because of her “episodes” recently. When she gets scared I can’t get a leash on her without risking injury to me, so she’s wearing one for awhile so I can be sure of getting her out to potty. She’s been really good for the last 5 days, but I’m not ready to take the lead of just yet!!

14 thoughts on “A little enrichment for the day!

    1. The book is truly excellent. Full of good ideas, and I also felt good seeing that I was doing a number of things they recommend for the pups already. It has a lot of content which seems overwhelming, but they have a great final chapter on pulling it all together, and they very realistic about all of it. And depending on whether your dogs eat the same kibble or not, you can do the “find it” exercise with some of their kibble, subtracting it from a meal.

    1. Yeah boredom leads to all kinds of crazy stuff! (For people too, as the Covid situation has demonstrated!)

  1. Such fun!! Love that they each have their own technique!lol. That book is great!! there is a canine enrichment Facebook group that has lots of good ideas too you might enjoy

    1. They do have different techniques. And Gracie has a different technique for odors versus treats. Bodhi is the most interesting. Because he’s blind when he does nose work he searches in a grid, up and down…very methodical. What’s the FB group on enrichment?

      1. That’s neat! Dogs are so cool! If you put into the Facebook search ‘canine enrichment group’ it comes up. There are a couple of canine enrichment related pages, but only 1 group called canine enrichment. It has over 600k members.

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