The Fosters: Amelia

My 17 day break from fostering ended today. A kind soul, who feeds outdoor cats, had a small cat wander to her early am feeding today, and the cat was pretty ill with the kind of stuff that outdoor cats get in the winter especially. Lots of upper respiratory stuff – she’s snuffling pretty good. And lots of eye stuff, which usually accompanies the upper respiratory stuff. The kind soul called our rescue and since I have an empty foster room, we were able to take her in.

Amelia may be a young adult or an older cat; it is hard to tell. She’s only 5 pounds but she’s bone thin. As I watched her eat canned food this afternoon she looks like she either has dental issues, which are usually associated with cats older than young adult, or she has something else going on in her mouth. She’s got a very sweet disposition, very friendly and seeks out affection, so maybe she was someone’s cat, and I’ll be checking her for a microchip just in case. Given where she was found it’s unlikely, but I’ll check anyway.

She got a vet visit today, care of one of our rescue partners. It was actually a trap neuter return clinic, but she was obviously in no shape to be spayed. So they gave her some fluids, a shot of a long-lasting antibiotic, and ointment for her icky eyes. Hopefully she’ll feel better soon. And I’ll be getting her a regular vet checkup as soon as possible.

The good news is that she’s hungry and eating. Some cats with URIs can’t smell much, and when they can’t smell they don’t eat, so the fact that she’s eating is good. She’s got some nice canned food and dry kitten food for the moment, along with some nutritional gel and probiotics mixed in. I haven’t been able to get good photos of her yet, and my first priority, beyond the basic food, water, and litter, is rest for the little one. She’s willing to come for pets, but still a bit scared after a day of a vet visit, transports, and now a whole new space. I made her a cozy carpeted and fleece blanket area under the futon, and she’s relaxing there for now. I think she is utterly thrilled to be inside and warm for a change. And bless her heart, she’s even used the litter box!

So here are some blurry photos of her, just to give you an idea of how sad this little one looks. Better days are ahead, Amelia! Better photos, too, when she’s feeling more at home.

26 thoughts on “The Fosters: Amelia

  1. Oh my, she looks so pitiful. Poor creature. Such a gift you’ve given her! Warm, dry shelter; soft bed; decent food; medication on board; pets and affection; and a clean litter box! She must think she’s won the lottery.

    1. She did win the lottery! It is snowing hard right now, and I’m not sure she could have lasted a lot longer, especially in the cold and snow. We’ll get her all fixed up!

  2. Look what came in from the cold….better days ahead, indeed. Eat, hydrate and sweet, warm deams, Amelia.

  3. Poor little thing…..well she’s in the very best place she could be and hopefully will bounce back from her considerable challenges. Looks like she’s had it rough for a while – thanks for taking her in to help her get stable and well. Heart-breaking but hopefully only temporarily!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Only temporary for sure. She’s going to feel a whole lot better within the week I hope! And at least she is inside and warm while the snow falls outside.

    1. After a trip to the emergency vet at 1:30 am this morning (!) turns out that she’s allergic to the ointment given to her for her eyes, Got that cared for, and some drops to help her and she’s looking better than she did in the wee hours last night. It’s been a long time since I went to bed at 3 am.

      1. OMG! I hate those late night runs to animal ERs. I’m glad you were on top of it. Poor sweetie. Do you still have the cat that needed nebulizer (?) treatments?

      2. The cat with asthma is Gilda, who we still have. But her asthma disappeared after a couple months of using the inhaler and never came back. I think it was mostly the result of the really persistent URI that she had for four months,

    1. Indeed. So glad she isn’t out in this morning’s weather. She wouldn’t have survived much longer.

    1. She is a lucky one. The lady who feeds outdoor cats was so kind to bring her inside and call rescue. Not every cat gets as much help as Amelia will get.

    1. My foster room must have been free for a reason! She should feel much better soon I hope!

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