The Fosters: Amelia Day Two

It isn’t often that I go to bed at 3 am, but when I do, it is usually after a very late night visit to the animal ER. As was the case last night.

Amelia’s eyes got worse as the night wore on yesterday, and when I got up (from a nice 2 hours of sleep) to check on her at 12:30, all the skin around her eyes/eyelids was red and swollen and no eyeball to be seen. She couldn’t see to find her way around in the room and was just bumping into things. It looked incredibly painful. I never fool with eye stuff. My vet has always told me eyes are an emergency, so off Marley and I went to the pet emergency clinic. Waiting until the morning when some inches of snow were predicted to fall wasn’t an option in any case!

The nice thing about getting to the pet ER at 1:30 am is that it usually isn’t busy, and there was only one other person waiting there last night. The second nice thing about last night is that one of my favorite doctors was on duty, and she knows me very well, and she knows that what I tell her is accurate, so I don’t have to spend time explaining why I am concerned about something. She was the same vet who helped me almost a year ago when I had to bring the very sick and very pregnant foster kitten Hannah in.

Turns out that Amelia was allergic to the first eye ointment she was given and it was making everything so much worse. They gave her a topical eye anesthetic, flushed out the eyes and the offending ointment, and she now has some drops to go into the eye three times a day. She got a steroid shot to help with inflammation, and Cerenia to help with any nausea and to encourage her to eat. Though it doesn’t look like it, this is soooooo much better than yesterday, and especially last night.

Other things I learned about Amelia…she’s around a year old, “last year’s model” per the vet. She’s super sweet, even in the vet’s office – they all loved her. She was having trouble eating yesterday because she has sores in her mouth, and raw-looking tonsils, part of the overall yuck of the URI, but she didn’t have a fever which is amazing. The vet suggested some wet food for her, which she has, but she prefers the kibble. So she has both, along with some supplements, and she can eat whatever she wants. The vet diagnosed her with cachexia, which was a new term for me. It means “wasting and weakening of the body due to severe chronic illness.” She needs to gain another 3-5 pounds, I think. Not an ounce of fat on her right now. (I should be so lucky.) She’s also dehydrated, so they sent me home with a bag of fluids and I’m giving her sub-Q fluids daily…not her favorite!

She’s out from under the futon a good bit today, and she’s a lap cat, which means I need to trim those nails really soon. She likes “making biscuits” (kneading with her claws) and those claws need some shortening big time. But she’s a lover, and will make someone a lovely cat when she’s well. The only hiss I heard from her is when she saw Leelu in the hallway when I was leaving her room. Not a big fan of dogs so far!

Hopefully we have some quieter days ahead of us now, along with a full night’s sleep for all of us. Thanks for all your kind thoughts for her!

16 thoughts on “The Fosters: Amelia Day Two

  1. Sounds like the ER vet helped her a LOT with the eye flush and new meds as well as more information about her….only one year old and I suspect she’s already been through more than many kitties do in their whole life. She’s a fighter though obviously. Fingers crossed you’ll see some progress now that she’s on the right meds, etc.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. That was a big relief this am. One follow up vet appt this am, and vet thinks that left eye will be many weeks in healing, both otherwise everything is proceeding as it should. The infirmary will be open here for as long as she needs.

    1. She definitely pawsful of healing energy, but she’ll get there. This morning a follow up vet appt, hopefully the last for a little bit, and vet says the left eye may be many weeks in healing. Which is okay, ’cause I’m not going anywhere.

  2. Aw, poor little girl! But she is in the best hands right now. Glad this second ER vet visit was “productive”! Bless you for braving the icy-cold early-morning to get Amelia the help she needed! And double cheers for the negative FIV/FELV test result!! At least that’s one big worry off the table!! ❤️❤️

    1. A negative FIV/FELV test is always a relief! The road to recovery is going to be many weeks, but she’ll get there. She’s a sweet cat, so hopefully the right home is waiting for her when it is time.

  3. The sun today will help to make her feel better soon Such a sweet girl Hopefully she will have no trouble finding a wonderful forever home

    1. The sun sure makes me feel better! Paws crossed for the right now when it is time. She’s a sweet cat.

    1. Paws crossed. The URI is already somewhat better. The eyes, not as much, but the vet thinks that will be several weeks in the healing process. We will both just hang in there!

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