Amelia is doing a bit better, thankfully. She’s an incredibly sweet cat, a lap cat at that, with very soft fur. Once she’s all healed up, she’ll make someone a wonderful companion.

Her upper respiratory condition is better, not gone, but a good bit better. She doesn’t have to work hard at breathing now, but she’s still a bit congested. But she’s active and alert and beginning to explore her surroundings and look out the windows, and things cats do. She has also – thankfully – discovered the scratching box and loves it! Cats need to scratch but it is a wonderful thing when they learn to scratch things other than furniture.

Her eyes are healing slowly, very slowly! But I knew it would take some time. I got my first glimpse at the left eye this evening, and am not too excited about what I saw. The eyeball looks to be all blue and blurry, which is likely a corneal ulcer, which the vet warned me about. If so, it will need some more treatment beyond what we’re doing for her right now but we need to be able to see and stain enough of the eye to be sure what’s there. Still, it is nice to begin to see the eye open at all. Little by little.

Otherwise, she’ll chillin’ and eating and just generally recovering. No interest in toys yet, but I suspect the eyes are still painful and she can’t see all that well either, so toys can wait. But she’s very glad for visits and pets galore. She’s lucky to have been brought in from this very cold and snowy week, thanks to the kind woman who feeds outdoor cats and took her in and got her to us. I don’t think she would have survived otherwise.

14 thoughts on “The Fosters: Amelia update

  1. She certainly was in trouble when the kind lady brought her in from the cold… she’s making baby steps toward the life she SHOULD have had – thanks to you and her rescuer.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. She definitely is a trooper. Next vet appt Monday and hope they can actually stain and look at the left eye then. Paws crossed.

  2. Aw, bless her heart! Well, for sure she is in good hands now. While her healing may be slow, it seems to be steady. Sending tons of POTP for her continued healing. Enjoy her sweetness!

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