Amelia’s eyes are improving every day now. The new drops the vet recommended last Friday are working wonders. Along with the healing, however, I think there’s some itching, and today Amelia started scratching her eyes with his hind leg and front paw. I don’t want her undoing the good the drops are doing for her, so it was time for a cone. Poor thing!

She’s definitely not happy with me, but hopefully she won’t need to wear the cone for too long.

The scariest thing is that I already had a cone that fit her. I actually have about ten cones in the house of various sorts. And I ordered another one today for Amelia, because I don’t have the kind I really like for cats. I only had kitten sizes, not adult.

These are my favorite cones. They snap on, and they are totally soft around the neck instead of plastic poking into the neck. Cats are far more accepting of these than the plastic ones. Here’s the Amazon page with pictures of what it looks like when worn.

So Amelia’s new cone should be here Wednesday, and we’ll have 11 cones in the house, for critters from 2 pounds to 75 pounds. I think the only critter I couldn’t fit into a cone in the house right now is Gracie, but hopefully she won’t need one anytime soon. With all the various medications and cones here, I’m beginning to feel like a medical supply warehouse!

18 thoughts on “Cone City

  1. Oh dear……well that softer cone does look more comfortable and her eyes DO look better…..hope soon they will be totally fine. POTP on its’ way.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

    1. Cones are no fun but we can’t undo the good work the eye drops are doing. Hopefully she won’t need the cone for long

  2. Her eyes looks sooo much better. Poor thing, wearing a cone is always a hard exercise for both the wearer and the caregiver. Here’s hope she doesn’t have too much longer with the drops or the cone.

    1. The drops the vet switched her to last Friday have really done the trick. Hopefully she’ll be good to go soon!

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