Wordless Wednesday: Contented Critters

Gracie and Leelu

18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Contented Critters

    1. Amelia’s eyes are improving and are much better than they were. Still have a little ways to go, but getting there!

    1. Yeah, it is a big relief. I wasn’t sure one of her eyes was still viable. Glad to be wrong!

    1. Amelia is healing very well. Hopefully she’ll be ready to get a forever home within a month.

    1. Leelu is making progress with Marley and much else. Very grateful for the certified behaviorist we’re working with!

  1. Aww, those are such heartwarming photos. Amelia looks soooo much better and almost seems to be smiling. Glad that Leelu is making improvements with her disposition. Bless her heart (and yours for helping her out).

    1. Leelu is doing better, slow and steady progress. Thankfully! And Amelia is getting much better as well. Still a teeny bit of congestion and eye stuff, but also making good progress, Phew.

    1. We are grateful for progress in both Leelu and Amelia too. Sometimes things work as they should!

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