I think it’s been a couple weeks since I updated you on Miss Amelia. She’s doing better, and quite content to hang out in a warm place!

At night, she sleeps on a nest of blankets behind the futon. Don’t ask me why, but that’s where she wants to sleep, so I put a thrown rug, and a nice double-thick mat on top of that, topped with fleece to give her a warm bed. She loves it – that’s all that matters. During the day, and don’t ask me why, she sleeps on her cat scratchers. Doesn’t look very comfortable to me, but she wants to be there, so what can I do? She has all sorts of cat beds and warm stuff, and she sleeps on the scratchers. Maybe she was used to rough surfaces from living on the streets.

She is doing much better health-wise. She’s not 100% better yet, but getting there. Her upper respiratory infection is very persistent, and so she’s on antibiotics still, and probably will be for another couple weeks. Her eyes are much better, and that very nasty-looking left eye is nearly there, but still getting drops and ointment many times a day to clear the last of the yuck away. Still, she has both eyes open and vision is fine, no ulcers or abrasions, and the last of the virus in her eyes will clear given a bit more time.

I am still mystified that she showed up at a feral cat feeding station. She was definitely not a feral cat – way too sweet and comfortable with people. She loves to climb on my lap and “make biscuits,” – and the claw clip helped with that! She’s even pretty easy to medicate. The poor thing has been getting eye drops or ointment 7 times a day and liquid antibiotic twice a day, and she doesn’t hate me or run from me. That’s one extraordinary cat.

She has no idea about toys – maybe I just haven’t found the right one yet. But give her a slice of sunshine on the floor and a kind hand and she’s a happy girl.

She doesn’t like dogs…that much was made clear early on when she saw Gracie out in the hallway. Gracie would like to visit, but I’m not sure that’s gonna happen anytime soon or at all…we’ll see. She doesn’t need stress right now while she’s still recovering.

And that’s the latest on this sweet girl. She’s going to make someone a wonderful companion when the time comes.

20 thoughts on “The Fosters: Amelia Update Feb 24

  1. She sure is one lucky girl to have you handling her “come back” and as sweet as she is, she indeed will make someone a wonderful and loving companion.

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Why do we as humans treat animals like decorations to have around But when we get tried of taking care of them for whatever reason we just throw them away? I am so grateful for individuals like you and other guardian angels that help and protect animals that are abandoned to get better and find loving homes

    1. Thanks, Judith. I don’t know why folks are so irresponsible about animals, but I am glad to be a part of an organization that has the resources to give them (the animals!) a second chance.

  3. Maybe she came up from Florida and misses the sun. 😉
    But I bet she can hardly believe she’s safe again and the stars are lining up for her.
    Take very good care, Debra.

    1. It was definitely food she was seeking. She was way underweight and starving. I’m glad she appeared there and the feeder was willing to scoop her up and get her to rescue.

  4. Like you, I don’t understand people who are so irresponsible about animals. But I’m glad there are organizations – like the one you work with and the one we got Radar from – with the resources to help the animals that are put in their care.

  5. PS. Amelia’s eyes look so much better!! God Bless You for taking such good care of her! I’m sure it won’t be much longer before she’ll be healthy enough to go to a forever home.

  6. She’s so incredibly beautiful! Love that ‘smiling’ photo in the sunshine. Her eyes seem to look better; we send best wishes for continued progress to 100%. 😻 Bless you for being there for her and nursing her back to health.

    1. Her eyes are much better. The right eye is 98% better and the left one about 85-90%. It is the URI that is the really persistent bugger! Thought it was better and in three days it was back, so she’s on antibiotics again. Sigh. But we’ll get there. She’s a pleasure to have around.

  7. So happy she is with you, which is something I say about every furry one that lands in your home. I feel so tenderhearted toward her. She looks so much like our Z Cat that left us much too soon. Z had green eyes. The brown tabbies touch my heart. She looks so much better. Really wonderful news that her eyes will completely heal with no issues. She looks like a complete cuddle bug and looks as though she is very thankful to be feeling better. Thanks for helping her.

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