A day in the life of a newborn kitten is not terribly exciting. Important, but not at all exciting. They sleep and they nurse and that’s really about it. You could go read War and Peace or Moby Dick and you wouldn’t miss anything much. But they are all doing very well gaining weight – they’ve gained between 50-60 grams each in their first four days, and they all were born at good birth weights to being with. Their eyes won’t open until next week sometime, or their ears, but I can tell you that their voices are bigger than their bodies. The black one, who I think is a male, has a great deal to say about anything that isn’t to his liking, and Amelia comes running when he hollers. Momma’s boy big time. Of course, at 5 days old, they are all Momma’s boys and girls, which is as it should be.

There’s not a whole lot of excitement to share, but pictures are always fun. So here are some photos of what the kitten’s space and life looks like right now.

This is their cat cave. Kittens can’t control their body temperature for the first couple weeks and they have to be kept warm. The cat cave is right next to the radiator and the blankets on the radiator side cover the radiator too so they stay nice and toasty. Mom needs a break from toasty occasionally so she comes out for an occasional cool down, as well as her litter box, food, and water. The kittens are in a birthing box inside the cat cave so they don’t go anywhere. They can’t walk yet, but they do drag themselves around.

Inside of the cat cave:

The highlight of our days is taking the kittens out to hold them. I don’t know if the kittens like it as much as we do, but they have been handled since day one in hopes that they will all be very comfortable with people by the time they are ready for forever homes. At first they were a little scared, but they mostly relax and enjoy being pet and cuddled now.

Amelia sometimes supervises, sometimes not. Our time with the kittens can be her time to grab some food or just chill. But you can bet she’ll be on it the minute any kitten complains!

She has no qualms about picking one up by the scruff and returning it to the birthing box if she feels the need.

Amelia is doing very well, which is nice to see. Her post-kitten weight is about 8 1/2 pounds. She was only 6 pounds when she arrived so she looks a lot healthier. She has the really soft fur that some cats have – so luxurious t o pet. She is still learning about toys, but I have been able to engage her sometimes with wand toys. I don’t think she’s had much experience with them, and when she was weighted down with kittens she didn’t feel much like playing, but I’m working on that with her. She needs to have some fun and some exercise and a break from being mom here and there.

That’s the exciting day in the foster room. A combination of not much happening while lots is happening with teeny kitten bodies growing. Everyone doing well so far, and paws crossed that continues to be the case!

12 thoughts on “The Fosters: A Day in the Life

  1. So glad Mom and babies are doing so well……it will be fun when they’re old enough to walk and can see and hear. Amelia is such a great Mom!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. A couple more weeks and they will be a lot of fun, and probably full of mischief!

  2. So nice to see them doing so well! I am always excited to see kittens get their peepers because it isn’t long after that they discover they have feets! But, I don’t want to rush them 🙂

    1. No point in trying to rush nature, but it will be fun when they are more mobile and aware of the world.

    1. No worries is always a good thing! No complaints about that here. At this morning’s weigh in they had all gained 70 grams since last Saturday which is very nice.

      1. The vets were very careful to use medications that were safe for the kittens. She had only one steroid shot before we knew she was pregnant, but the vets weren’t concerned that it would hurt them. If she hadn’t been rescued when she was and gotten food and care, none of them would be here today.

  3. That seems like a pretty swank cat condo for the babies. These little fur bundles are pretty darn cute-can’t wait to seem them when they start exploring the world and their personalities emerge.

    1. I can’t wait to see them in a couple more weeks either. Once they are up and walking and can see and hear the adventure really begins.

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