While not much happens with tiny kittens from day to day, still they are growing. They have all doubled their birth weight and then some which is just as it should be. They can’t walk yet, but they pull themselves around and move pretty well, or as fast as a kitten dragging his or her body can. I’m still not sure about genders. Sometimes I think I have two girls and a boy, and other times I think I have two boys and a girl. As they get a little bigger these things will become clearer. But the fun news at the end of week one is that some of them are beginning to open their eyes. That usually happens between week one and two; the two tigers have opened their eyes and our little black one is still waiting to take a look at the world. Their vision isn’t very good at this stage, but its a start. Their ear canals are beginning to open as well, so they may be starting to hear sounds. They are also starting to hold their heads up.

Without further ado, here are the kittens at their one week birthday.

Dark tiger:

Black kitten:

Light Tiger:

14 thoughts on “The Fosters: Kittens One Week Old

  1. I can tell by the ears. We had several litters a year when I was a kid and I just don’t remember that first week when everyone is so helpless. We had one litter where the mama went missing at day two and we had to bottle feed the babies. I was like 12 and amazingly, without google to help, they survived. New life warms my heart.

    1. Wow…bottle feeding kittens terrifies me. Good for you for keeping the little ones alive!!

      1. I was too young to be terrified. Now I’d worry too much. Locally we have a kitten neo-natal rescue. They take in litters that are mom-less and the occasional litter with a mom. They have incubators and people who feed round the clock. That’s commitment.

  2. Those little faces are so darn cute. I didn’t know that about the ears. The youngest any of my kitties have been is 6 weeks old.

    1. You can see that two have their eyes open now, and the black one should very soon. You can’t see the eyes that well, but the two tigers are well on their way.

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