We have been very busy, Gracie and I, working on the cat thing. Chasing cats is so much fun for her, and not very much fun for the cats, and with the help of our trainer K., we are making progress. Two photographs as evidence:

Pretty good, right? And truly, Gracie is making progress on letting the cats alone. I can call her off chasing most of the time, even with Gilda who is the most fun to chase. Lest I paint too rosy a picture, however, there are times when Gracie still finds the cats irresistible – especially if she hasn’t had a lot of exercise or training on a given day. Bored dog definitely equals a bad dog. But compared to how she has been for the last two and a half years or so, she’s doing at least a solid B+. (That’s up from a straight F-)

We have more work to do, and we have a new foster dog coming to join us on Sunday so we’ll see what kind of crazy that throws into the mix, but we’ll get there. Marley and I still haven’t completely gotten over having to let Leelu go…it still hurts a lot…but we’re going to jump back in the saddle and try to help another pup who needs a soft place to land. There are so many of them out there in need.

On the cat front Amelia and kittens are doing great. The kittens are only 11 days old and they are very close to (and one is over) their two week weight. Amelia is a great mom. Another week or two and the kittens should be toddling around a bit and will become a bit more fun. Right now all they do is sleep and eat but they are fat and happy, just as they should be at this age. I have decided that the darker tiger (the one in the middle below) is a girl and the other two are boys. I got 4/5 right with last year’s litter…we’ll see how I did with this year’s crew. Kittens this young are notoriously hard to sex.

The only other semi-animal news is that Marley and I will be headed to Massachusetts for a week’s vacation in late October and we’re considering taking Gracie with us. Bodhi will stay home with Marley’s youngest son in residence for the week; traveling for a week is too much for him at this point in his life. He got to go to Stone Harbor with us for a few vacations over the years, so it is Gracie’s turn this year. We will be headed to the Boston area to visit with Marley’s kin, and I’m hoping maybe we’ll get to meet up with some of you who read here along the way.

And that’s the animal report for now. New kitten pics this weekend I hope, and maybe pics of our new foster pup too. Never a dull moment.

17 thoughts on “Updates from the Animal House

  1. “Never a dull moment” is an understatement but what lucky animals to have a soft place to “fall” and get a new start or even just plain START as with the kittens. You sure deserve a nice break – glad you’re taking one!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Gracie is a good pup! You are such a kind person to bounce back to fostering. There are so many needy out there and taking on a new challenge is the best tribute to Leelu you can give her.

  3. ‘Up from a straight F-‘….oh, Gracie. That made me laugh. So glad she is doing better. Amelia looks wonderful. Her eyes are all healed? Motherhood definitely agrees with her.

    1. Amelia is an excellent momma cat. Her left eye is still a question mark. The vet is concerned that the conjunctiva may have adhered to the eyelid. The vet will look at her in a month or so, and if this is still a problem it will be addressed surgically when she is spayed.

    1. Gracie is doing really well – very proud of her. I just called her off a cat from 15 feet away and she sat and waiting as asked. She gets a whole bunch of brownie points for that one!

    1. Amelia’s made huge progress, and she’s a super sweet cat. Can’t wait for her to get her own home – after the kittens are old enough!

  4. Good progress being made with Gracie and the kittens. And thrilled to read you will be coming to MA… do you drive up the Pike? We’re in the western part and the foliage ought to be great that time of year.

    1. I would love to visit you in person in October Eliza! We plan to meander from PA to Boston area, and we can go any way we want. I’ll check in with you closer to the time and we’ll plan a visit!

  5. Aw, Gracie, I’m so proud of you little one!! From F- to B+ in a few short weeks is pawsome!! And your Mom deserves some credit, too, so great work, Team Gracie!

    And as Kate said, your taking in another foster dog is a sweet tribute to Leelu. I know how it still hurts – Sam and I and Ducky are still hurting from losing Radar to the heart worm disease nearly 16 months ago. But there are no younger, healthy Goldens in need right now. I’d have taken one in in a heartbeat if there had been.

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