“Scruffy is tiny!” was the text I got from the dog adoption/transport coordinator. I was expecting a terrier sort of Gracie’s size, but Scruffy, who joined our household today is less than half Gracie’s size. I haven’t weighed him yet, but I’m guessing 5-6 pounds. And right now, Scruffy’s name fits him perfectly. He has a grooming appointment in ten days or so, and he definitely needs one. Meet Scruffy.

Scruffy is definitely a lap dog! Our dogs aren’t very territorial about the house, but if there’s one thing Gracie claims as her own it is my lap. If she finds a cat there she will bark endlessly. So Scruffy got lap time with Marley today, at least until everyone with four paws gets to know each other better.

I usually introduce new fosters outside, but it was raining today and Scruffy is not used to a leash, so that wasn’t a safe option. We set up Gracie’s old playpen for Scruffy to create a safe way for Gracie and Scruffy to meet.

As I expected, Gracie was fine with Scruffy, and happily Scruffy seems fine with Gracie. And Bodhi doesn’t care either way – he’s usually oblivious to other dogs in the house. Scruffy was fine with the cats in the home he stayed in his first night here, and hopefully he will ignore our cats as well. Scruffy isn’t overly thrilled with the playpen right now, but until we have a little more time together, that’s his spot unless he’s being supervised. I don’t yet know if he’s a door dasher or much of anything else about him, so he’ll have to give us a bit of time to get to know him.

I was told he didn’t know leashes or walks, though he is doing better than I expected. He isn’t well potty trained either from what we can see. So he got introduced to a halter today and with a double leash – one of his halter and one on his martingale collar – we took Scruffy and Gracie to the back yard for a potty break. (We don’t have a fenced yard.) As I thought might happen, Gracie peed and Scruffy couldn’t resist peeing on top of her pee. Gracie is going to be a good mentor dog for Scruffy.

After a nice dinner this evening and the rains had passed Gracie and Scruffy went for a walk together and did well. Scruffy even peed on a pole that Gracie hadn’t peed on, so he knows about peeing outside. He peed inside once this afternoon while he was exploring the house, so we will need to be attentive and start our potty training 101 course! It has been a busy day for Scruffy…good time for a nap.

Scruffy seems like a very nice little dog. He had a dental before arriving, and is already neutered and up to date on his vaccines, so once he gets groomed I don’t think he’ll be with us long. Welcome to the Farrington/Amstutz household little one. We hope you enjoy your stay.

21 thoughts on “The Fosters: Scruffy

  1. He’s adorable and after a grooming he’ll be even more adorable. Sounds like he is a pretty good temporary housemate. Hope his forever home is in the near future!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Paws crossed for the little guy. I think he’ll make someone a wonderful companion.

    1. He’s also very sweet, a total lap and cuddle dog, so I won’t have him long. Working on the potty training thing which is the only barrier to some adopters.

  2. Scruffy is a cutie, and seems like such a wonderful housemate. The photo of him and Gracie is sweet. Did you get a story on him? He seems like such a good one to be out on the streets.

    1. He came from Kentucky from someone who has decided to give up breeding dogs, so he wasn’t on the street. But he wasn’t getting great care either – he had hookworm, bad teeth etc. Not my kind of dog breeder for sure.

      1. Oh, goodness. So glad he is with you. But then I’m always glad these little (and big!) ones are with you.

  3. He’s quite a cutie pie. Always feel bad for rescues when they are placed with fosters. Their lives are so chaotic and pottying can be a tough issue. With Gracie as his mentor and you his trainer, I’m sure he’ll come along nicely. Till then…laps!!!! 😆

    1. We’re are doing the “every two hours” potty break for now, and so far so good. He was owned by someone who bred dogs and clearly didn’t take much care of them since he had hookworm and terrible teeth when he came into rescue. I’m betting no one worried too much about his potty habits either. But he’s quick and sweet and he’ll figure it out in no time. A potential adopter is interested in him as a possible therapy dog so I will evaluate his potential as we get to know each other. But so far he loves people and other dogs, loves laps and cuddles, rides fine in the car, walks okay on leash, so there may be some potential there.

  4. The antidote to bad, abusive breeders is everyone like you who work to make life better for the abused cats and dogs in new, loving forever homes. I agree with others that Scruffy is a beautiful dog, and his grooming and medical issues taken care of, he will make some lucky people a wonderful additional to their family!

    1. It is, indeed, a shame that there are so many poor and uncaring breeders about creating such a mess. I’m glad to give a dog a second chance, but it would be nice if it wasn’t needed in the first place.

  5. Oh, that face!! What a little cutie!! I know he will be a star pupil for you and Gracie!! I just don’t understand these people who breed dogs just for the money. I will never understand them. Thankfully they didn’t just kick him out and leave him to wander the streets. Not all breeding dogs are that lucky. He’s in great hands now though, and will be when the right human comes along.

    1. He’s a great little dog…may already have a wonderful adopter for him. Paws crossed.

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