Big changes happening this week. The kittens – especially the black one (who is not so black anymore…more in a bit) — were about to breach the birthing box, so we had to move on to stage two in the foster room. The birthing box was in a big dog crate (think Labrador size) and it wasn’t safe for the kittens if they climbed over the box, and they are now able to better control their own body temperatures. They still need some warmth and their bed has a self-warming blanket that reflects their body heat back to them, but they don’t need to be in the cat cave/sauna anymore. So…here’s their new enclosure!

They are starting to walk more steadily now, and this gives them a safe place to toddle around in for a few weeks where they can’t get caught under or in anything. They will be getting their first litter box – a pet food box lid – to explore. They are too young for food just yet…two or three more weeks for that introduction.

But I’ll probably introduce some small toys this week and see what they think. I suspect they will end up teaching Amelia about toys – something Amelia seems to have missed in her early life.

So far they are a very healthy bunch, at the top of the weight charts for their age, and the black one is over the top of the chart for three weeks. Speaking of the black one, he is turning gray. Not prematurely gray, but I’ve seen this happen before where a black kitten turns gray. I suspect he is going to be gray all over and maybe a medium haired cat too. The combo will make him hot on the adoption list if so! So far his belly, chest and legs are gray…stay tuned. He is a big boy – already over 400 grams when starting weight for week three is 350 grams.

Our other two kittens are also both over the 350 grams of a three week-old kitten, but not by so much. Still, they are a healthy group. Since Amelia needed a vet visit this week for her eye (which looks very good) the kittens went too, mostly so the vet staff could get a solid dose of cute to start their day. They didn’t get formal exams or anything but the vet looked at them all and thought they were very healthy. And the staff thought they were very cute – they were right!

Here’s the dark grey tiger, whose face I am just in love with. (No I am not keeping her! ) She’s a real sweetheart and the most mellow of the group. She’ll be a good cuddler, I think. You can see that she is much steadier on her feet now. They all hear and see pretty well now too.

And finally, the brown tiger who is very camera shy! He’s absolutely handsome but not about to show it off apparently!

He hates being separated from the group, and is very quick to make a racket. He’ll definitely need to have a kitten or young kitty companion.

And that’s the week three update. So far so good.

14 thoughts on “The Fosters: Amelia’s kittens week 3

  1. There’s something about kitten faces…..just too cute for words. The black/gray guy is precious and boy is he going to be gorgeous – well he already is gorgeous but you know what I mean. Glad that Amelia’s eye is looking good now. The new enclosure looks great for curious/exploring kitties that’s for sure.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. I think our formerly all black kitten is going to be spectacular. I bed he’ll have all sorts of folks wanting to adopt him. The new enclosure is really wonderful for kittens. It is suggested by Kitten Lady.

  2. The new enclosure looks like Kitty Hilton! Can’t believe how fast time flies. Curious about the black one. I didn’t know that although sometimes their coloring changes a bit. Good job Amelia!

    1. I like that name – Kitty Hilton! I had another black kitten some years ago, with the Derrry Township Cats program, who changed from black to all gray. First time I saw it, but the vet commented that she has seen it a reasonable number of times.

  3. Their new enclosure is pretty darn wonderful! Does Gracie like to peek through and try to play with them? That little brown tiger, especially, is adorable. All these little kitty faces are so cute. How do people pick just one?!!

    1. Amelia is not a dog fan, so Gracie isn’t allowed in the room, sadly. I’m hoping whoever takes the brown tiger also wants one of the others. He definitely needs a companion.

      1. If we lived closer….my three kitties (especially my youngest) would love a little companion in crime! He would have three females doting on him.

  4. Thank you for the update! Amelia looks like a proud, happy mother. Her kittens are adorable! The little personalities shine through early on!

    1. Yup, I am starting to know a bit about who they are now. It will be fun learning more about them as time goes on.

  5. Gosh, they sure are changing so much! The former black, now turning grey little guy is truly and preciously cute. The tigers just look huggable. It must be great entertainment to watch them grow up before your eyes. Wishing you all a great Easter weekend!

    1. It is very fun watching them grow, especially now when they do something besides sleep all the time! Happy Easter to you as well.

  6. I was telling a friend today your recent dog foster (her mini-Schnauzer has cancer 😦 so I am keeping an eye out for a new companion for her) and said that it’s fortunate that you live far away, as I’ve been tempted to adopt nearly every batch of cuteness that comes through your door. 😀

    1. So sorry for your friend…that’s really tough. And I’m glad my kittens are tempting!!

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