I’ll let the pictures say it all. Scruffy before and after his grooming…don’t be drinking anything that you’ll snort out your nose when you look at these.

For a second, I thought the groomer brought out the wrong dog! He looks like an old dog in the first photo, and now he looks like the three year-old that he is. I got him home and took him for a walk and potty break and he was practically prancing down the street, tail high, looking like he knew he looked GOOD and wanted the world to know.

He was absolutely wonderful at the groomer’s – no fuss or anything. My sense is that he closes down a bit in new situations and a lot of situations are new for him still. I will be glad to get him into his forever home where he can finally become the Scruffy he truly is deep down. The morning was very full for him, and after his potty strut he is out cold for a nap!

But after a nice, long nap, Scruffy was up and strutting his stuff again. He really seems to feel much better after all the Albert Einstein-like fur is gone. He actually got the zoomies this afternoon, which I hadn’t seen with him before. Bless his little heart.

The best news, however, is that he had a meet and greet with potential adopters this evening and it was a love connection. They were so sure that he was right that they actually ordered a ton of supplies for him from Chewy without even meeting him. They want to be sure he has everything at their house that he has here, so he will be very well supplied. He will be well supplied with love as well; I truly can’t imagine a better situation for him than the one he’s getting. These are the kinds of adoptions that make fostering truly worthwhile.

Saturday morning – after the Chewy shipment arrives on Friday – Scruffy goes to his forever home.

And Saturday afternoon…Buddy arrives!! Our next foster dog.

Buddy is a pub/English bulldog mix, about 2 years old – not yet neutered, which will be accomplished on 4/19! He looks like a lot of fun. Here’s his short video from the shelter that is sending him to us:

I can’t wait to see what Gracie thinks of Buddy!! I see her rolling her eyes. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “The Fosters: Scruffy and what a difference a groom makes!

  1. Not neutered? He may fall in love with Gracie! Hope he works out as well as Scruffy did. Are they changing Scruffy’s name as it no longer fits?

    1. His days as an intact dog are numbered!! And Gracie is spayed so no surprises at least. I think they will be changing Scruffy’s name – it certainly doesn’t suit him any longer!

  2. Holy guacamole…what a transformation. Scruffy looks ‘furbulous!’ And Buddy looks like a real lover. No doubt he will shine brightly with your foster care. Happy weekend!

    1. We were so shocked at the transformation, but in a good way! Looking forward to meeting Buddy.

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