The Fosters: One Month Old!

The kittens are one month old today. They’ve moved out of the nest into their own apartment – the brown and beige cat cave you’ll see in the video here. That’s where they sleep now, giving mom cat Amelia some time on her own. They have started to use their litter box – woo hoo! It is a little early for solid food but they are at least interested in what is in momma’s bowls and sniff it for now. Wet food introduction in a week. They are very active now, and wrestle endlessly. Someone scratched the male tiger above the eye this week and caused a little boo-boo, but a warm compress and some eye ointment to the rescue and all was well in short order. First claw clips followed. They are well above the usual weight for their age, running 1/2 to a full week ahead of schedule, so very healthy. The black one, who is half gray now, is looking like a long haired cat. He should be very popular when I make them available for adoption.

Momma is getting ready for them to let her be more, and leaves the enclosure often now for some quiet mommy time. The kittens are still nursing, of course, but not every minute of the day, and Amelia is showing signs that she’s kinda ready to be done with all that. I will be starting a wet slurry of Royal Canin’s Mother and Baby Cat Mousse next weekend, and it usually takes about a week of hand feeding to convince the little ones to move on to eating for themselves.

That’s the story at the end of our first month. But pictures – and especially videos – will give you a better sense of the adventures of our little trio. Enjoy, and have a good weekend.

12 thoughts on “The Fosters: One Month Old!

    1. Amelia has been very patient but I am starting to see her ready for these little ones to fly! Soon…

  1. So adorable…….and gorgeous! Amelia is a pretty girl as well…….I hope all of them have the HAPPIEST of “ever-afters”. If I had that gang at my house I’d be sitting nearby watching them ALL DAY LONG! LOL

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Luckily I have a houseful of animals so can’t watch them ALL day long, but I do visit often. They are so much fun at this age.

    1. The fuzzball, who is named Tucker as of today, is a hoot. Very outgoing and a good bit larger than the other two. He looks like he will be a long haired cat, and he’s got an outsized personality to match his outsized fuzz,

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