Gracie Chronicles: Back in the Saddle

Gracie and I had our first official therapy dog visit in more than a year tonight. WOO HOO!!! We got to go back to the Police Department and were very warmly welcomed back.

But I get ahead of myself. Gracie knows when a car ride is in the offing. She reads me somehow and knows that something is up, but tonight she was extra excited. She saw her carrier go out to the car and she was beside herself.

And, of course, I goaded her on a bit – she was just too cute. We had a great visit, catching up with many of the officers we hadn’t seen in a year. Many of them remembered Gracie and she flitted about the room eating up all the attention and some crumbs on the floor. There’s a lot of eating that happens in the patrol room, and Gracie took it upon herself to clean up after everyone. <g> She isn’t really supposed to do that, and we need to brush up on some of our therapy dog skills and rules, but it was our first night out, and I’m pretty sure no one was dropping poison pills or food on the patrol room floor.

Back home now, Gracie is out cold, as usual. She puts her all into her therapy visits. If she could talk I’m pretty sure she would have complained about having to spend a whole year primarily in my company and Marley’s; she was out of her mind excited to meet old and new friends tonight.

The other team we visited with tonight got a photo of us in front of the station before we left.

It will be awhile before we have lots of visits to do again, but it sure felt good to both of us to go out and do at least this one.

16 thoughts on “Gracie Chronicles: Back in the Saddle

    1. The meet and greets are tiring, indeed. It is nice, in some ways, to be starting with a small number of visits so we build back up to more and longer ones.

    1. She had a lot to say last night, mostly get me out of this house – I’m sick of it!!

    1. We are both really glad to be making the rounds too. Can’t wait until we have more visits on our schedule.

  1. How exciting! While we’ve been given the ok to return to the hospital, we’re waiting for the schedulers to set up the screenings first before we can go. Fingers crossed it happens soon. Sweet Gracie…bet she made all those officers smile from your visit.

    1. So glad you will be getting to start up again too. I know the doggos miss the visits!

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