The kittens will be seven weeks on Saturday and they’re so much fun at this age. Into everything, active, curious, and eating real food!

Benny and Sweet Pea enjoying dinner

They are still nursing some as well, but I’m trying to encourage them to eat real food more often and let Amelia have a chance to dry out some. Her spay surgery is still four week’s away, but it will help if she doesn’t have a lot of milk in her at that time. Poor Amelia has also come into heat, which is crazy making for her. She is rolling all over the floor, howling and talking non-stop. Nature is not very kind to be sending a cat with seven week old kittens into heat! Thankfully her little male kittens aren’t old enough to do anything about it, and it will dissipate in a few days.

As they age, the kittens change a bit and it is fun to watch. Benny used to be a mama’s boy, always near Amelia. Now he and Sweet Pea are together all the time, sleeping, and wrestling, and obviously, eating together. Benny is pretty shy, and I’m working with him on that, but Sweet Pea seems to be his confidence these days. He is making some good progress lately. He used to jump when I touched him and he now allows some careful pets. So weird how they all had the same experience but such different personalities. Benny is getting there, little by little, and I’m glad to see his confidence growing.

Tucker, who used to hang with the others, is a bit more solo now, and very focused on the people in the room. He comes to the door every time someone comes in and he’s ready to be cuddled and fawned over. He plays with his siblings as well, but he is a strong, confident kitten and sleeps by himself now. He is going to a home with two young cats (2 and 3 years old) and I think he’s going to do wonderfully there.

That’s the scoop for now. The changes are less dramatic at this point, but their play and antics are totally entertaining! And, of course, pictures speak volumes. Enjoy.

Sweet Pea
Benny in front, Sweet Pea in back

16 thoughts on “The Fosters: Kittens Week 7

  1. Perfect way to start the day! Good news about cats and kittens. When we brought Mollie home she went into heat. Poor Jake. He didn’t understand it at all and kept putting his paws over his ears. (He missed sex ed in cat school!) We had her spayed the next week. These days, they spay before they adopt out. These are such sweet babies.

    1. I was just surprised she came into heat so quickly after the kittens were born. Poor thing. She is just nuts, and hopefully it passes soon! She should be spayed before it happens again.

      1. Mollie was separated from her last kitten (which was adopted at the same time she was) and went into heat 3 to 4 days later. I thought maybe it had to do with nursing but obviously not.

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