Amelia got spayed this week. She is not too excited about it, but there will be no more kittens in her future!

The kittens went into a different room for the first three days to give Amelia some recovery time, and especially time without Tucker trying to nurse. At 11 weeks old he is long past needing to nurse for nutrition and is the last of the three to give it up for comfort. After a few days apart everyone is back together again and the first two times Tucker tried to nurse on Amelia’s sore belly she moved away, and the third time he got a good scolding. I think he got the message. Amelia will need to wear her cone another day or two, I think. Some cats don’t bother their spay scars, but Amelia isn’t one of those. I took her cone off for a bit, and she went to work on her scar, so back the cone went. She didn’t do any damage, and she is still healing nicely, but I’m going to give that scar another day or two to completely heal.

Speaking of Tucker, he is back to being almost completely black, with just a couple splashes of the dark grey that started taking over when he was younger. He is either a) a camelion , or b) a teenager who can’t decide what hair color he wants to have. And despite his desire to nurse still, he is party animal extraordinaire. He spends a great deal of time trying to escape the foster room, and often succeeds. The other day he ran out, right into Gracie (who plays patty cake with Tucker under the door all the time.) Gracie tackled Tucker instantly and pinned him to the ground. Tucker’s response: “Whatever!” He’s a total character and his new people love that about him.

The foster room looks a little different these days.

No, the kittens didn’t knock everything over. That was my doing. I am trying to prevent Amelia from climbing too much until she is more healed up. The kittens, however, think this is just fun jungle gym equipment. And that’s good, because they all get spayed and neutered 6/15 and all the cat trees will return to their sides again while they recover.

That’s the news from the foster room. Amelia, her kittens and I wish you all a good weekend.

20 thoughts on “The Fosters: Random Foster Kitty Stuff

  1. A party animal who still wants to nurse?! He sounds like some kind of fun! Amelia looks so sad in her photo with the cone. The vet put a soft cone on one of my cats–she wriggled out of that in no time flat. Nice try, but back went the hard cone. Enjoy the weekend!

      1. I have one of those solid blue cloth ones…useless. I like that this one has cloth around the neck for comfort, but plastic for the cone so it stays where it should be and they can still see through it. Wouldn’t use anything else anymore!

  2. Amelia looks so sad! Soon she will feel better. Yea Gracie! You tackled Tucker. No escaping!

    1. Amelia hasn’t been too happy, but she’s glad to have the kittens back in with her now. She got lonely. And Tucker doesn’t stand a chance to getting past Gracie!

    1. She’s only a little over a year old, and only 8 pounds herself, so she’s not much more than a kitten.

      1. She is going to one of my clients along with Sweet Pea and Benny. They already have blankets with their names embroidered on them and more beds and supplies than they will need for a lifetime. They will also have this spectacular four-season sun porch – all windows. Kitty heaven. Tucker is going to another home with two young cats and a dog and a young couple who are involved in rescue and know what they’re doing and he will have a blast!

  3. I love everything you said about little Tucker♥ I think he is B, a teenager sporting different hair for the heck of it. Amelia will be so much happier even if she doesn’t realize it now…. some kinda sad eyes. I bet the kittens love the new style to the foster room.

    1. I agree about Tucker. Can’t wait to see what he does with his hair next! And the kittens love pretty much anything – so easy to please. Amelia is a bit of a sad sack right now, but she’s going to a wonderful home with two of the kittens and is going to have a spoiled wonderful life, and the sad eyes will be all gone.

  4. Amelia does look a little unhappy but by now I’m sure she’s over that……Tucker is liable to turn BLONDE next!!!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

    1. I don’t think I could manage Tucker blonde! I hope he sticks to black and gray – both so elegant on him.

      1. He’s adorable no matter what color his fur is but I know some animals just do that chameleon thing. My sister has a dog who is a different color every time I see him…..all shades of gray and brown – amazing.

  5. Aww, Amelia looks so forlorn with her cone. Glad she’s recovering nicely. That little Tucker…he’s a handsome little devil, isn’t he? Good luck with the spaying/neutering of the kittens. Have a great weekend and give sweet Gracie a nice ear rub from me.

    1. Amelia is making me crazy working her incision endlessly so I have to keep putting the cone back on. Argh!!! And Gracie says thank you for the ear rub. That’s one of her very favorites.

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