Amelia and her kittens are nearing the end of their time with me. Amelia, after being a total pill about leaving her spay scar alone, finally got out of the cone after seven days. I’ve never had a cat need a cone that long, but she would not leave the incision be, so I had to wait until it was totally healed before taking the cone off for good. She got short breaks each day, mostly so I could make sure she was eating well, but she is thrilled to have it off for good. Here she is with Sweet Pea. And yes, Amelia is a very small cat – only 8 pounds. It is amazing that she survived on the streets with all the parasites she had, and three kittens inside.

Everyone is in the midst of the second, and hopefully final, round of Panacur for the round worms. After the first round the kittens really started gaining weight, which is a very good sign. I am very happy to be feeding the kittens and not the round worms anymore!! The Panacur must taste truly awful, and I have to put extra in the syringe each time to cover the percentage they are going to spit out instead of swallow, but we are getting the job done and it is working, so we will all survive. One more day of the meds, and I hope that gets rid of the buggers entirely.

They are all pretty active at this point, and regularly escape the foster room when I open the door. They are sooooo ready to go to home where they don’t have to be cooped up for long periods. They will probably need to be in one room for a few days while they get used to new surroundings and people, but freedom awaits! Every night, almost precisely at 9 pm, we hear a party start in the upstairs foster room, with lots of thunder feet to be heard on the first floor. Lasts about half an hour or so, and then there are off to bed for the night.

Their surgeries are this coming Tuesday, and then Sunday June 20th, if all is well, they go to their forever homes. Both adopting families have visited them multiple times and I look forward to happily every afters for all.

Sweet Pea

And a few days after they leave, I’m sure I will have new fosters to care for. I asked for a day or two to clean the foster room between groups, but the cat coordinator knows I will be ready for whoever else needs a place to land.

We almost had a foster dog on the way as well, but I was rescued from my foolishness. Marley and I agreed not to take dogs over the the busiest part of our summer pet sitting schedule, but some retrievers from a hoarding situation came across and we decided we would take one. But another of our volunteers, whose husband is a certified behavioral therapist, also volunteered to take the dog and I said we were good with her taking the dog instead. For the dog to get to live with someone who knows more than I do about dogs who have lived in hoarding situations is in the dog’s best interest and that’s all that really matters here. I do miss having a foster dog, but we will be better able to care for one when our morning pet sitting schedule isn’t so full. Dogs in need of foster come across my email weekly, and sooner or later a dog that can live with the cats in our house, and whose needs we can meet, will come along. (Hunting dogs and breeds with high prey drives need not apply!)

That’s the foster scoop for now. Have a good weekend everyone!

19 thoughts on “The Fosters: Getting Ready to Move On

  1. Party at 9….that made me laugh! I will miss these little ones, but so happy they are going to good homes. Bless Amelia and all that she survived until she found you. What you do is pretty darn amazing.

    1. They are real characters! And thank you for your kind words. We are just happy to share what resources and knowledge we have.

      1. Reminds me of Jake. Not his ears but his paws. They were so large I wasn’t quite sure if he was a real cat. As it turned out he was very tall and long but weighed about 15 lbs or so and looked sleek with that weight.

  2. Beautiful photographs of beautiful cats! Sometimes I wish cats would stay little kittens…

  3. And soon I bet you will be telling Marley it’s too quiet ‘up there’. 😉
    Well done and we should all be so lucky. Bravo!

    1. And it will be too quiet for a bit, but I suspect not for long! Can’t wait to see what’s next after this crew.

  4. This set of fosters feels longer than previous ones, or is it my imagination? It’s been a delight to watch them grow up in prep for their fur-ever homes. Great job, D!

    1. This group was with me a very long time, since early February. We didn’t know Amelia was pregnant at first and by the time we did, she was six weeks along, so I had her probably 5 weeks before the kittens were born, and then the kittens will be here a total of 14 weeks when they all go home. So a long foster, but a really fun one.

    1. They are definitely ready for the next adventure, and I am sure it will be a wonderful one. The best part is that I get to pet sit Amelia, Benny and Sweet Pea since they are going to one of my clients. Woo hoo!

  5. There are just so sweet. Sweet Pea showing that irresistible tummy♥ I am sure they will do fine with their surgeries but sending fast recovery thoughts. I think it is the bestest thing that you get to pet sit Amelia, Benny and Sweet Pea.

    1. Thank you for the speedy recovery thoughts. Paws crossed. And it will be so much fun to be able to pet sit and watch Benny and Sweet Pea grow up.

  6. Amelia and the kittens have flourished under your loving care. They are all so lucky (as well as adorably cute). All best wishes to the new families who no doubt will benefit from all your efforts.

    1. I know they are getting wonderful families and will have fabulous lives. Amelia, Benny and Sweet Pea already have blankets with their names embroidered on them…the word “spoiled” comes to mind!

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