I love it when the foster room looks like this:

The laundry is all done and the extra stuff packed in the appropriate bin. The litter boxes and trays have been cleaned and extra cleaned with a product called Rescue which is used by shelters to kill anything that shouldn’t be present. The food and water dishes are all scrubbed. The floor is swept . Some new scratchers are coming from Chewy, along with more kitten food and litter. Everything looks so nice right now.

It won’t last a couple hours. The kittens come today and they’ll make the place their own and that means they’ll make a mess. But I can enjoy it until they come, and then, after they arrive, I’ll enjoy them instead. The Farrington Foster room is ready and waiting.

13 thoughts on “The Fosters: Ready for the Berry Kittens

  1. The room looks like it’s ready for company……can’t wait to see the little “Berries” exploring and learning in the foster room.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. They are here now! I’m letting them get used to having a whole room and not a cage – quite the change!

    1. They are here and getting used to having an entire room at their disposal and not a cage anymore. I’m giving them a few hours to adjust before I pester them too much!

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