The Fosters: Gracie and the Berry Kittens

Whenever I can, I try to introduce my foster kittens to a dog. If they get comfy with either Gracie or Bodhi it increases the number of possible adopters for them. This group has done remarkably well, very quickly. (And it’s a good enrichment activity for both the kittens and Gracie, an added bonus!) The only kitten who isn’t interested is Rasberry, the torti. She isn’t doing the Halloween cat thing, which is a good sign, but she’s not very interested either. The other three were all over Gracie, playing with her fur, running under her, and generally curious. Huck, the little tiger, is especially enamored with Gracie. I’ve rarely had a group of kittens be so comfortable so quickly. And Gracie gets an A for being a very good sport!

19 thoughts on “The Fosters: Gracie and the Berry Kittens

  1. Oops, the comment I left earlier was about the wrong post! I’m having trouble with the Bucky Surgery Update, not this one.

    These kittens are adorable!

    1. She was just not very interested, but she certainly wasn’t afraid, thankfully.

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