Bucky’s surgery was Thursday evening and, as is true with folks who go to hospitals too, Bucky was home the next day. Hospitals, whether human or critter, don’t keep patients a moment longer than need be. Bucky is more comfortable here anyway. He is on total crate rest for six weeks, when we go back for some radiographs to see if and how the healing is coming along. The surgery is pretty fragile, and would have been so much easier had he been properly cared for two months ago when he was found by the side of the road, hit by a car. But there’s nothing to be done about that now, and we will keep fingers, toes, and paws crossed that this back leg heals properly.

Bucky isn’t using the back leg at all right now, and is using three legs, including his very shattered from leg, but it is clear he can get around on three legs (including one really bad one!). So if this back leg heals well, the most likely scenario is still to amputate the front one, but that decision will be made a couple months from now when we have results on the back leg.

In the meantime, the vet wanted him in a crate large enough to stand and move around in so he will use the leg a little but not jump or run. We take him out for potty breaks only. He has a 25 cm collar on right now, which is a bit long for him, but he was able to get around the 20 cm one to lick his surgery site, and that’s not an option. This current one makes it hard for him to eat and chew on bones and such, but we will have to make do for now. We also have a nice sedative to give him as needed. He is used to sleeping up with us in our room, but that’s too hard with the second floor bedroom right now, so he got a nice sedative last night about 9 pm so he could sleep quietly through the night.

At 48+ hours past surgery, Bucky is already restless and unhappy in his crate. And he is very determined to chew on the leg that had surgery, which can’t happen. We gave him a bigger cone, but that doesn’t stop him from stretching that back leg and reaching around to lick and chew so I spent the evening trying to come up with a solution. Bandaging won’t work – he’ll just chew it off. I put a second, soft cone around the hard cone, but it is attached with velcro, and he had that off in short order. So my newest solution is to put an inflatable donut around his neck with the cone. I’m hoping this makes it impossible for him to reach that leg, and that he won’t be able to get it off. He is one determined dog.

In the meantime, Bucky’s DNA came back yesterday, and some parts of it surprised me, while others didn’t. His analysis reads:

35.9% Beagle (He definitely has the beagle prey drive…wants all small moving creatures.)

15.1% American Pit Bull Terrier

14.1% Pembroke Welsh Corgi (this and the next one account for his longer body type)

6.6% Basset Hound

6.4% Pug (???)

6.3% Siberian Husky

6.0% Boxer

And some supermutt stuff.

So, there you go, for what it is worth. In appearance he has a lot of the Corgi/Basset Hound, with the long body and short legs. Personality-wise, I was surprised not to see Border Collie in there, but maybe that’s the Beagle part of him. Pit Bull I don’t see so much, but that’s a pretty diverse group of dogs anyway. Who knows.

On to recovery…keep your paws crossed for the guy. And, as Marley noted last evening, as Bucky starts to feel better we might be drinking a little wine with dinner more often. After Bucky has a few days of rest, I’m also going to start working on improving the relationship between Gracie and Bucky. He’s going to be here for a few months, and hopefully we can smooth out some of the rough edges between them. For the next six weeks at least, he’s in the crate, and Gracie gets a break.

24 thoughts on “The Fosters: Bucky’s surgery, and DNA results

  1. I can’t imagine how much “work” it is figuring out ways to keep Bucky out of trouble as he recovers but the look in his eyes says so much. Poor guy has been through so much and has so much more to go through. Such a shame he didn’t get proper care from the start isn’t it. Now he’s getting a “second chance” but it will be tougher on you AND him. Sending POTP to him and hug to you.

    Pam and Teddy too

    1. It really is very challenging, and a bit discouraging at times, but we’ll all get through it one way or another. Thanks for your good thoughts.

    1. Bucky is a lot more than we expected, but hopefully we can get him settled into the life he deserves in the end.

  2. Oh Bucky! Love the creativity with the double cone donut, lol! Fingers crossed you all survive the next 6weeks unscathed!

    1. We hope we all survive as well. Bucky is truly quite the challenge. But to donut/cone is holding for now.

  3. Looking at his eyes, all I can imagine is him saying, “What did I do to deserve this?” Compassion comes in all shapes and sizes, and right now it looks like a donut. Take care.

    1. Love that…compassion looks like a donut! You do have to feel sorry for the guy, and it is all a royal pain as well!

  4. Bucky is one determined little guy–what spunk! Gotta love that in him, though. Oh, those puppy eyes…! Bucky, you are in the best place you could ever be. You are gonna do just fine. Good luck!

  5. So glad to hear the surgery went well and the little scamp is home recovering. To say he’s determined seems to be an understatement so we’ve got our fingers crossed that the addition of the donut will keep him from chewing/licking on the leg. Good luck.

    1. Determined is definitely an understatement, Was giving him the benefit of the doubt. So far the donut with cone is working.

    1. Thank you. You gotta feel sorry for the guy, even if all of this is a pain in the you know what,

  6. Aw, poor Bucky. And poor you. Callie was a rather determined girl, too, when she was recovering from her first CCL surgery; but nowhere near as much as Bucky seems to be. I wonder if you could adapt some of the canine enrichment games to Bucky’s limits? Or check out the ACE Connections group on FB for some ideas? Or use some of the Nina Ottosson/Outward Hound food puzzles? Ducky’s part Cardigan Corgi and she loves the puzzle toys! And they tire her out, especially the more advanced ones.

    Sending POTP and healing energy to Bucky and calming energy to the rest of you. πŸΎπŸΎπŸ€—πŸ€—

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