Bucky’s road to recovery continues to be a challenge. We met with his rehab vet today for the first time, which was very helpful. His surgeon is a 40 minute drive each way, which is a challenge for our schedules, and his rehab vet is a 10 minute drive. I really enjoyed meeting her, and found her to be very helpful and skilled.

At this point, Bucky’s leg is still very swollen and hot, and it isn’t healing properly. Two weeks after surgery he should be able to straighten it and put it on the ground, even if it isn’t weight-bearing yet, but the swelling isn’t going down much if at all. Because the swelling is also very warm to the touch, the conclusion is that we are dealing with some infection, and because his surgeon switched him to a different antibiotic last Friday and it hasn’t had any discernible effect, his rehab vet has switched him to another – the third he’s had – and put him back on the anti-inflammatory that the surgeon discontinued. The rehab vet agrees with the surgeon that the anti-inflammatory inhibits some of the healing, but right now he needs it anyway. Luckily the rehab vet and his surgeon respect each other and work together often, so I’m comfortable following the rehab vet’s advice at this time.

For the next two weeks the rehab work will be all about pain management and getting that leg swelling gone and ready to actually do some rehabilitation. To that end, he got a cold laser treatment today, and he was Mr. Super Cool in his glasses!

We all had to wear protective glasses during the treatment, but Bucky was certainly the coolest of all of us. He will get cold laser treatments twice next week and the week after, along with the new meds, and I hope we can get him moving in the right direction. He has responded really well to the two treatments he’s had so far. After today’s his foot is actually touching the ground a little, rather than being held up a couple inches. I wish I could have gotten him in sooner for this, but I was lucky to get in as quickly as we did. After a couple weeks of cold laser therapy he will see the rehab vet for another assessment. And I will feel better that he’s going to be at the offices twice each week so they can respond quickly if things aren’t improving.

The amazing part of all of this is how incredibly sweet this dog is in the midst of what must be real misery. He continues to be happy and affectionate, as if nothing were wrong. I can only imagine how much fun he will be when he feels good. I hope he feels good sooner than later.

18 thoughts on “The Fosters: Bucky’s Zig Zag Road

  1. Bucky does indeed look cool in his special glasses…..and we sure hope the laser treatments help him heal properly. It is rather amazing that he’s such a happy boy considering the pain he must have every single day. He’s a lucky boy to be in your care……and to have caring vets as well. We send him lots of POTP!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    1. He is amazingly happy under difficult circumstances. He’s going to make a great pal for someone!

  2. I keep hoping for the email that says he has significant improvement. I had to look up cold laser therapy. It sound similar to ultrasound therapy which I know is very helpful for pain, healing and breaking up scar tissue. I really hope this helps. He must be a wonderful dog to endure all this without getting snappy. I would get snappy.

    1. I hope I can blog about his amazing improvement soon. I would be cranky as all get out in his circumstances. The cold laser therapy really seems to help him, thankfully.

  3. Bucky Cool – Snoopy’s new partner in spreading cool!! 😍

    I do hope that the new meds and cold laser therapy help get that swelling down so this sweet, happy boy can start to heal properly! So, to that end, Ducky, Bogie and I will continue to send lots of POTP, love, prayers, and healing energy.

  4. We send purrayers and POTP that Bucky and the vets can get that infection and selling under control. He IS being a really good boy.

  5. Bucky definitely looking GOOD in his glasses/goggles! He is a good boy with a heart full of love and he has some motivation and courage even if he doesn’t realize it. I hope the swelling and heat is reduced with the meds and the cold laser treatments. Sending you all good thoughts and wishes and sending Bucky some vibes for healing.

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