I think the new antibiotic, and the laser treatment, and the anti-inflammatory are finally doing their thing for Bucky. This may not look like much to you, but it is HUGE for him. He is finally letting the foot that had surgery at least tap the ground sometimes, rather than holding it completely off the surface. It is one step (so to speak) toward eventually putting some weight on it.

The leg is a little less swollen and tomorrow the stitches come out — hooray! I was hoping I could take the cone off then, but the surgeon says he still can’t lick his leg for many weeks yet. I suspect the issue is that they don’t want him disturbing the pins and wires. But the cone absolutely sucks, and we are all tired of it!! So I ordered something today that may or may not work: a Lick Sleeve.

It will prevent him from licking the leg for sure, but he will also have to not annoy the leg a lot for this to work, and for him to avoid more weeks of Cone-dom. It comes on Monday….keep your paws crossed for us.

After a lot of one step forward and two back over the last two weeks, it is nice to see solid steps forward. Now the challenge is keeping him from over doing. He is ready to rock and roll and wants to run and go for walks, but activity is still limited, and that’s going to get harder for him (and us) before it gets easier. The better he feels the more he wants to do. Bucky is very vocal about his distress and frustration at not being free (or my not being in the room, or taking Gracie for a walk…and so many other things. He’s a puppy still, and is just as bad as Gracie was when she was a puppy.) Ignore the picture in this short video. This is Bucky’s howling on the first floor…I’m recording on the second floor. And this is one of his quieter episodes. You can hear him three houses away when I’ve got Gracie out for a walk. There is little doubt about the beagle/basset pieces of this dog. (This is also why he gets a sedative, Trazadone, before bedtime!)

Still, I’m so glad to see him full of energy and ready to move on, rather than lethargic in his crate and in pain. Progress feels good, even if it’s noisy.

17 thoughts on “The Fosters: Bucky and Progress!

  1. Oh my – that sleeve for his leg looks like it just might work if he can leave it alone! I know he and you would like to see him coneless as well. He looks pretty spunky in the video on the walk – and oh my on the crying when he’s alone! We had two beagles who lived next door for a while and when in their back yard they NEVER stopped crying or barking until we “mentioned” it to their owners. Night and day/24-hours a day – EEEK!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    1. Beagles are very noisy dogs in general, and very busy and curious. Bucky looks like a Corgi but his personality is a lot of beagle. Glad your neighbors responded to your “mention” about their beagles!!

  2. Lots of better news this morning. The sleeve looks like it could be the answer, I hope it is! Bucky walking in the video is so nice to see. It does truly look like things are rolling in the right direction. You all needed some good news and a view of the future with the promise of getting on with this rehab… wait, maybe I was the one that needed to hear it… Ha! Hugs to you all!

  3. Finally! Good news! I am surprised he is so spry on his other broken leg. He is a trooper. Hope the sleeve works. Some people swear by them. Also, after hearing that video I’ve decided that Sasha is part basset hound! I need to do a video of her scolding me because I’m not getting dinner out fast enough. Hugs to Gracie too. This is not easy for her either.

    1. I am surprised how much he is using the front broken leg too, although the surgeon says that this doesn’t change her recommendation about amputation. I think the issue is that the leg will likely be totally arthritic and useless in a couple years if we don’t remove it. I’d love a video of Sasha scolding!

  4. A sleeve…who knew?! This sounds so great–anything to get that awful cone off the poor little guy. He really is something. The video of him walking…wow. Keeping my fingers crossed that you have many more steps forward. He is a very special little dog.

    1. Thanks…our fingers, toes, and paws are all crossed too. Hoping the good progress continues without too many steps back.

  5. My heart breaks for this little guy! He just wants to be a puppy. I’m sure he is very frustrated. Hopefully he will soon be able to be a happy puppy. Thankfully you are helping him reach that goal. The sleeve looks wonderful. That is what Bentley wore over his incision on his chest. They called his a surgical suit and was tight to hold everything together. He will be happy to toss the cone.
    Slow and steady wins the race…be patient Bucky!

    1. I am so hoping that Bucky won’t try to annoy the leg with the Lick Sleeve. We are all so tired of the cone. Paws crossed…

    1. Indeed, but hopefully, over time, we can change his story from “poor baby” to “lucky boy.” Paws crossed.

    1. We’re glad to see improvement finally too. Gonna be a long road still, but we’re glad to be moving along on it.

  6. Hang in there! We had a foster on crate-rest and restricted activity once and found that after a week or so she just adjusted and accepted it. After a month though, she became pretty depressed and needed more ‘adventures’ (lifting her on the couch to watch television, taking her outside to sit in the grass, stuffed kongs and simple puzzle toys – I wish I knew about lick pads and snuffle mats back then!)
    I’ll be really curious to see how the sleeve works out!

    1. Bucky is definitely in the “need adventure” category now, and we do get him out often to sit and watch tv with us, or take very short walks (2 house lengths) with his potty breaks. He is a serious chewer, so lots of hard core chew toys as well. I have lick pads and snuffle mats too…may give those a try. Really keeping my paws crossed about the sleeve.

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