Sunday Morning Critters

Just some short videos of the more active members of the household this morning. The senior cats and dog are mostly sleeping, but the younger members and fosters are busy, busy, busy.

A fellow blogger reminded me about snuffle mats, and I have one, so gave Bucky a few minutes of something fun to do. (For those of you not in the know, treats are hidden in the snuffle mat for the dog to find.) GRacie wasn’t utterly thrilled about sharing her snuffle mat, but she was reasonably polite about it.

Gracie had her own activity this morning. She’s about 1.5 pounds heavier than she ought to be (and that’s a lot when your target weight is between 14-15 lbs.) So every morning we do a little “fetch” work to burn off a few calories. It is pretty hot for long walks lately, and she burns a lot more with 15 minutes of fetch than she does on a walk anyway. (And you can hear Bucky, inside the house with the doors and windows closed, objecting to Gracie getting the attention!)

Finally, the kittens are in their usual fine form. Goose (white and black kitten) got neutered two days ago, but no one told him about that apparently. He was rocking and rolling as soon as the anesthesia wore off. Never had a call so early in the day from my vet that a neutered kitten was ready to go home! The other surgeries still to come.

Just a quiet, normal Sunday here…hope your weekend has been a good one.

17 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Critters

  1. I’m surprised they didn’t neuter them in groups rather than singly but you can’t tell who got neutered by their actions! I can hear Bucky calling “what about me?” Also Gracie is giving you that “what are you doing Mom? That’s my toy!” look.

    1. I usually neuter all the kittens I have at once, but Goose is bigger than the other three, and not part of their litter, and there was a cancellation and space so I grabbed it. It is tough getting appointments right now and they are all getting done a few weeks later than I’d like, (they are big enough now) so I am doing this group piecemeal. Gracie was definitely giving me the “what the heck is that about?” look when I gave Bucky the snuffle mat!

  2. Kittens doing what kittens do best…running, jumping, wrassling and doing bitey face and ears. Bucky is motivated for the snuffle mat. He also has a whole lot to say while Gracie plays fetch and he knows how to say it loud!!!
    Really enjoy the videeohs of the Critters!

    1. Bucky is very loud…will not adopt him out to anyone who lives in an apartment or townhouse!! Glad you enjoyed the videos.

  3. Poor Bucky. His ‘call’ is so plaintive. Sweet boy. And Goose…oh my gosh, he is so full of energy-you’d never know he’d been neutered this week! The kittens are fun to watch. They sure seem nicely entertained by that rub tag!

    1. The kittens can be entertained by almost anything. They even tore a tag off the cord for the air conditioner. Kitten proofing is quite the task!!

  4. I didn’t realize Goose was not part of the litter–he sure fits in well with the others. Bucky….what a little sweetheart. In the video, it looks like that back paw touched down a bit? I hope he does well. Gracie and weight gain during Covid….welcome to the club, little one. Losing it is not near as fun as gaining it was!

    1. Bucky is letting his back paw touch the floor lightly at this point, which is good. And yes, Gracie did the Covid gain just like her people. Sigh. We all have work to do!!

  5. Goodness! I thought WE had a busy household!! Poor Bucky! I remember how miserable Callie was having to stay in her crate that first week or so after her CCL surgeries. But at least she had Shadow laying right next to the crate, keeping her company. And Ducky can identify with the COVID weight gain…she’s about 3 lbs. heavier than she should be (about 10% above normal). Thankfully, Bogie helps her stay active, so even if she’s not losing as much as I’d like, she’s not gaining any more. And the kittens are precious!!

  6. I had to laugh at Gracie’s expression as she kept looking at HER snuffle mat in Bucky’s cage then back at you as if to say, “What the heck?!!” 😀
    Those kittens are like little monkeys!

    1. Yup, Gracie was really not thrilled to have her snuffle mat get used by Bucky!! But she didn’t bark at him so she gets points for that.

  7. I keep Teddy active by running him around the house chasing toys. He also gets outside exercise when he takes off after a bird or squirrel (so do we when we have to chase after him!). Nice that Bucky got to have a little fun in spite of his cone – Gracie was kind to loan “her” snuffle mat!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Gracie isn’t too excited about the loan of her snuffle mat, but she’s managing!

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