I’m the daughter of a pharmacist, but I’m beginning to feel like I own a pharmacy. My kitchen counter has more drugs on it than food most of the time.

Some of this is Bucky. He gets an antibiotic twice a day (BID), and a pain medication three times a day (TID), an anti-inflamatory (BID) and because he is becoming far too active (not to mention really loud for prolonged periods of time, like two hours at a time) he is now getting a sedative BID so that his leg has a chance of healing. Then there’s the joint supplement (once a day) and the new one today is some ear drops twice a day because he’s developed yeast in his ears. Which isn’t a surprise since he has been on antibiotics for weeks, and he has this nice cone creating a warm cozy environment for the yeast to grow in. Sigh.

Then the easy one ….Hiro, one of our elder cats, gets one steroid pill daily. Easy peasy.

Bodhi…after three emergent surgeries in just a few months, apparently misses the vet’s office and developed some kind of skin issue. Not a hot spot, the vet thinks, but something he wants to chew on until it is raw. So a cream for him, and an antiobiotic BID (same one as Bucky, larger dose), and some Apoquel for itchiness as needed. That’s in addition to his usual salmon oil and joint supplements that he gets daily. And his medication for his diabetes insipidus, which is also BID.

An antihistamine for Gilda, who has seasonal allergies. So she gets it when she gets too sneezy. She’s a misery to medicate (unlike Hiro, who is as easy as they come), so I’m glad she doesn’t need it often.

Not pictured, because it is up in the kitten foster room, is some Doxy for one of the kittens who has some upper respiratory crud, and he needs that BID. (And I’m waiting for him to share the crud with his siblings…)

I need an Excel spread sheet to keep track of it all. Good thing I worked in the pharmacy as a teen and got well-schooled in this stuff!! And thank goodness for pill pockets and dogs who don’t care what the drug is as long as it is wrapped in a pill pocket or some canned dog food. Giving meds here is a fulltime job.

13 thoughts on “The Pharmacy

  1. Oh my goodness…..you could use a “pharmacy assistant” there with all those meds needing to be distributed among the population! An Excel spreadsheet is actually a good idea. LOL

    Hugs, Pam

  2. Oh my! At one point a long while back I had to treat the four cats I had then for giardia. Different weights so different dosages. In total 5 pills a day for 4 cats some of whom were pill averse. It was a full time job. The first day I crushed one and put it in food for a cat that was difficult to pill. I spent the better part of the morning keeping an eye on the food. She wouldn’t eat it and I was afraid someone else would. Didn’t do that again. You beat me on this one. Spreadsheet and alarms to signal timing. Even then I’d worry about missing something! Sure hope you don’t need any meds for yourself!

    1. At our age no meds?? No way. Morning and evening for both of us two. Just adds to the fun. The hardest med to remember is the 2:00 Gabapentin for Bucky…morning and evening meds aren’t so bad.

  3. My husband has one of those daily pill things we got at Wal-Mart to keep track of his meds. You’d have to buy them in different colors to keep up with your brood. Good thing you are so organized.

  4. I understand! Between hubby’s various meds, my three meds, and vitamins/minerals/probiotics/other supplements for all four of us, it sometimes feels like a drugstore around here too.

  5. It is interesting how early experiences prepare us for other events to follow. I bet as a teen you had no idea you’d be using your skills in this way. 🙂

    1. Bucky had the perfect set up for it. Antibiotics tend to encourage growth of yeast (and he’s been on them for weeks) and the nice warm cone make the perfect environment for it.

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