The Fosters: Bucky – what a difference two weeks makes, and a little fun for Bucky

Just two quick then and now videos of Bucky walking and using the leg he had surgery on. We’re making progress!

Two weeks ago:

And now:

Two weeks ago he was just touching down occasionally, not putting any weight on the foot. Now he is actually walking on it, with weight. Cautiously still, but good progress nonetheless. He actually runs a little bit sometimes, though he isn’t supposed to and I try to prevent it. But everyone once in a while he just has to explode a little bit. Can’t wait until he is healed well and can really get out there and have some fun.

And just for a little fun/enrichment, I gave Bucky a Kong Wobbler to play with. The first time he tried this he kept trying to chew on the hole where the treats come out, so he wasn’t terribly successful with it. But now he understands that he has to roll it over to get treats to drop out, though he does still try to lick them out of the hole. This is probably a bit more active than he should be with any regularity right now, but as long as I’m supervising so it doesn’t get too rambunctious, and we do this very occasionally, Bucky thinks this is pretty fun (and occasionally frustrating when the stupid treats don’t come out quickly!)

13 thoughts on “The Fosters: Bucky – what a difference two weeks makes, and a little fun for Bucky

  1. Oh Bucky you are doing so much better. That’s wonderful…..maybe soon you can be coneless again little guy! Looks like the wobbler is a fun game for you to enjoy for now.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy

  2. While I was trying to concentrate on the kong action it was hard not to notice how much Bucky was touching down on his back foot, using his leg. It’s great to see! Quite a difference in the two videos of him walking, I was smiling as I watched. He’s quite a character with the Wobbler. Maybe some insights with his personality? So want him to get out there and have some fun… minus all the accessories around his neck! It’s coming Bucky! You have done an incredible kindness for this puppy!

    1. He is finally making some really good progress, which is so nice to see. The trick now is not to rush ahead too quickly and undo all the good that has been done, but that is sooooo hard!! I can’t wait for him to be free of all the hardware and the crate.

  3. I thought Bucky was walking pretty well in the first video. But then the second video–wow, little guy! He is making great progress! I can’t wait (like everyone else) for him to be relieved of the cone/donut. No one else would have taken such great care of him like you are. Kudos to you for all you are doing for him.

    1. As soon as Bucky is walking with his leg down all the time, and standing on it as well, he can start actual rehab instead of just pain management. Can’t wait for that to start, and he should be coneless by then as well. Paws crossed he gets cleared to move ahead in about 11 days.

  4. WOW! That’s great progress! Callie was determined like that, too, after her first CCL surgery. Way To Go, Bucky!

    Ducky used to chew on her Wobbler when I first gave it to her, too. ❤️

  5. Wow, he really is doing so much better. Even the swelling seems much improved. Way to go, Bucky! Loved watching him trying to get at the treats. So cute. Keep up the good work, buddy.

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