The Fosters: Sad News

Well, very sadly, three of the kittens in the litter I was to get died today. This happens sometimes, especially with a mom cat who has been brought inside just before the kittens were born. (Kittens were 2 weeks old.) We know nothing about the mother’s health. Sometimes, even in the best of circumstances, kitten pass away at these young ages. It totally sucks, but it isn’t terribly unusual. Kittens can be fine one day and gone the next, as happened here. One of my vets says she could never foster kittens because they are so fragile at this age and can pass away without warning. So, this litter will stay with the current foster who is also a bottle feeder if that turns out to be needed. I’m sorry I won’t get to know them, or name them. Sigh.

10 thoughts on “The Fosters: Sad News

  1. We are sorry to read this, but it is some comfort to know the survivor is with an experienced bottle feeder who can continue the care. (not that you couldn’t, but having them stay in one place is probably less stressful.)

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