With the weekend just about upon us, here is what’s happened here at foster central.

As some of you saw from the comments, I do not have bottle feeder kittens. Things change in rescue all the time, and another rescue had a bottle feeder nearby and immediately available, while I wasn’t available for another day, so we acted in the kittens’ best interest and let them go with the other rescue. I still want to try my hand at bottle feeding sometime, and there will be other opportunities. It was a lot to take on with Bucky and the new kitten crew at this time anyway. My sister, Ogee, who some of you follow here, had only one response to my taking on a kitten litter and bottle feeders at the same time, along with Bucky. She wrote me only one word: Certifiable. She was probably right.

Bucky went to get fitted for his brace today and that was an adventure, as are most things with Bucky. A behaviorist I work with calls him a sensitive soul, and that really describes him well. He was only a pup when hit by a car and landed in rescue, so it probably isn’t a surprise that he is sensitive and new things are tough for him. They fitted him with the brace today and he totally panicked and started screaming so loud that the front office staff came running back to see what had happened. He was mouthing me, not really biting but trying to do anything to de-stress. I know Bucky and I wasn’t surprised or distressed by what he was doing – aside from getting the brace off and letting him chill a bit. The staff folks were both surprised and relieved that I wasn’t stressed. That’s just Bucky. A slow introduction to the brace was recommended, and that’s what we’re doing.

The blessing is that a couple of short intros this afternoon at home, instead of a strange place with people he doesn’t know, resulted in a much better outcome. It’s going to take him a little while to get used to the brace, but not as long as I first thought. He was actually willing to walk a little with it already today, and that’s a good start. He’s definitely not sure about it, but the fact that he will walk at all this quickly is good. He’ll get there. Once he can wear it for longer periods he can have longer walks, since it protects the Achilles heal from stretching too much. Longer walks will be wonderful for him and for us.

The new kitten group arrived Thursday morning, and I am still learning to tell them apart. Two, the marbled tabbies, were super friendly in short order. The other two, plain tabbies are shier, especially the female. Her name is Camila (all were named by the previous foster already) but I call her Miss Spitty for now. They were all brought in from outside at about six weeks old, so are still adjusting to people. This is where they felt most comfortable in their first hours.

Carlos and Camila are the bookends with Sergio in the middle.

Juliet is very social and fearless compared to the others so she was exploring the foster room pretty quickly, and joined the gang for a photo op in their chosen corner.

Juliet out front, and Sergio is now sitting up in back. The one trying to scrunch behind the radiator is Camila/Miss Spitty.

I couldn’t stand to see them so uncomfortable so I brought them a bed after a bit.

They are mostly doing much better today, with Camila still hiding out a good bit. I’ll have to work a lot with her, but they are all basically friendly. And Sergio and Juliet are already climbing all over me. Here are some random shots – not fabulous ones yet – since they are still so new and getting used to things. But here’s the group. They should be a fun crew.

Camila(a bit blurry..sorry)


Carlos and Camila

That’s the update for the end of this week. I hope you all have a good weekend.

13 thoughts on “The Fosters: Bucky and Kitten Updates

  1. This is another good looking crew! Bucky reminds me of Morgan and her splint. She wasn’t as vocal but she was clumsy at first. She got so used to it (after 11 weeks!) that she wouldn’t walk on her leg without it. It took another adjustment to get her to put her leg down. All good now (except I wince whenever she jumps down!). We still don’t know how she did it.

  2. Bucky is such a sweetheart. But poor little guy! Of course he screamed–he wanted Mom to take care of him at home. I’m so glad it worked out better at home. Oh, the kitties! They are all so cute. Has Gracie met them yet?

    1. Gracie hasn’t met the kittens. They are still adjusting to being here. She may or may not meet them at all. Kittens that age who have come in from outside have often met dogs and it hasn’t been a good experience! We shall see, as time goes on, how they seem to be doing.

      1. I love reading your posts–you know so much and I learn so much from you. Thank you for everything! And that makes so much sense about outdoor kitties coming indoors.

  3. The kittens are adorable but kittens always are (!). Hope they will find their way eventually to wonderful FOREVER homes….as for Bucky – poor baby just knows things keep happening to him but those “things” help him and that’s the important thing. He’ll eventually not even notice the brace (I hope!) and that leg will just get stronger and stronger.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Bucky had several short sessions yesterday and then last evening he walked around for about 5 minutes in the brace, so he’s getting there! New stuff just seems to throw him. When he discovers he can do more with the brace on he’ll be happy.

  4. Aww, the kitties are too cute. I loved the comment your sister left. Too funny.

    Little Bucky has been through so much but he’s smart and will figure out the brace and continue to improve with the extra support. Have a great weekend getting to know your latest furry charges.

  5. No surprise Bucky did better at home. He will be used to it in no time… I bet he is already there! Let him get it outside and get some wear on it like a pair of shoes and he will be moving along without a thought of it.
    Juliet♥ Miss Spitty… LOL! They are all beautiful!

    1. Miss Spitty has decided to stop spitting which is nice. She’s still shy, but doing much better.

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