I am starting to work on publicity photos for the kittens, since their spay/neuter surgeries are in three weeks. I’ll begin promoting them in a week or so. I’m not happy with all of these so far, and will keep working especially on Camila and Sergio, but I thought you might like to see how they are doing. Bucky has taken up a lot of the blog space lately, so here’s a little kitten time for you. Gracie got to meet the kittens for the first time today and no one freaked out. They were all very curious about her feathery tail, and Carlos even put his nose right up to Gracie’s for a split second. They need more time with her to adjust, but I think they would all be okay with a cat-friendly dog given a proper introduction Once they are actually playing with Gracie I’ll try for some video. In the meantime, here are just some photos. They are a delightful crew.


Camila and Carlos
Carlos (I like this picture – it is soooo Carlos!)
Julieta – this is so Julieta as well. Such a little flirt and party girl
Sergio – not a wonderful photo, but kinda Sergio. Much more serious and quiet kitten.

That’s the gang. Have a good weekend everyone.

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    1. Sergio is very handsome. Got a much better picture of him today, thankfully. He looks just too serious in the first one!!

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