It has been a wild few days, but things are getting a bit better for all. Little by little we are getting some answers and getting our footing now.

Mickey was discharged from the hospital after a little more than 24 hours there. Apparently they thought he was adorable, but they were less thrilled that he chewed through 3 IV lines, even with a cone on him, and Bitter Apple on the lines. He’s a willful little kitten!! But he is doing better.

His stool is taking some form and he is not having constant diarrhea anymore. The diagnosis is three fold: food allergies, gastroenteritis (probably from the food allergies), and they are treating him for parasites just in case. His fecals are clean, but he did have round worm a month or more ago (and was treated for it) but he is being treated for parasites in general again, just in case.

They sent him home with some serious probiotics that are given every four hours, so it was loads of fun getting up twice in the middle of the night last night. Luckily, that part is finished at bedtime tonight, and he continues just on the capsule version put on his food daily. He is also getting a dewormer for five days, and it tastes like crap, but he’ll survive. He is also back on metronidozole for the diarrhea and Clavamox, an antibiotic. So he has a very full med schedule, but I’m getting the hang of it.

He is now eating a duck based cat food, and rather than having kibble available all the time, he is getting four meals a day. It seems like he is endlessly hungry and eats non-stop and that just makes the diarrhea worse. So he is eating regularly through the day and evening, and I’m trying to balance what he needs with what his two brothers need. I would normally leave kibble out all the time for kittens, but Mickey can’t eat the kibble they eat, and he shouldn’t eat all day long. So everyone is getting multiple canned food meals from 6 am to about 8 pm. If it gets him feeling better, so be it.

Bodhi also had a vet visit on Wednesday, and was diagnosed mostly with anxiety, but I was glad the vet mentioned the possibility of CCD, or canine cognitive disorder. Bodhi has many of the symptoms of CCD, though there isn’t a specific and definitive test for this. But if you ever need to know more about it, Eileen Anderson’s book, Remember Me? is a readable, carefully researched, and practice guide to living with a dog who has CCD. Maybe six months ago Marley observed that Bodhi kind of “sun downs” late in the day, and that hasn’t improved over time. Being blind makes it a little harder to evaluate some of the usual symptoms but Bodhi’s generalized anxiety, his overall change in behavior and activity over the last six months or so, and his new habit of getting himself stuck in corners (again, harder to evaluate since he is blind), his wakefulness as night which never happened in the past, pacing, etc., all sort of point to CCD. For now he has been put on Trazadone to help with the anxiety, but I will be re-reading Anderson’s book and we see the vet next week, and may look at some medical options if they seem helpful. For most CCD dogs environmental assists, and some enrichment activities, along with medications as needed, are pretty much what can be done. But for the moment, he is more comfortable on the sedative. Getting old is tough, whether you have two legs or four.

That’s the news for now. I’m so glad we aren’t working fulltime anymore, and have enough space in our schedules to provide what everyone needs. It is all stressful, but not nearly as much as it would have been in years past when we were hardly home all day.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts on the previous blogs. I was a little overwhelmed with vet trips and what all the various pets needed, and didn’t get to answer in detail, but I so appreciate knowing that you’re all out there pulling for these guys!

22 thoughts on “Update on Bodhi and Mickey

  1. Sweet Bodhi…we hope his meds help with the anxiety. CCD can be heartbreaking to watch. Little Mickey looks so innocent in that pic. So gosh darn cute. Hopefully his medication regime will net some positive results so you and Marley can enjoy a decent night’s sleep!

  2. Who doesn’t fall in love with Mickey even if he is naughty. I just hope it’s not a life long condition. Do you think Bodhi’s anxiety is related to Bucky? Poor guy. My cat Jake got a form of cat dementia (we called it nuts in the head). It was both heartbreaking and sleep depriving. I hope you get to take care of yourselves too.

    1. I think some of Bodhi’s anxiety is Bucky’s barking and high energy, for sure. But probably more going on there too is my best guess. And Mickey…he’s a character for sure.

  3. Purrs and purrayers and POTP that both continue to do better – and that the others all stay healthy too !

  4. Sweet Mickey–you are a rascal. I hope all the meds/food help this little guy. Bodhi–with all the has going on… I thought of Bucky, too, when you wrote about Bodhi’s anxiety. You do have your hands full but it takes a special person to handle it all so well. And you do.

  5. Oh yes we’re pulling for those guys AND for you – who is dealing with all the problems and needs of everyone. Glad to hear something positive with Mickey….he is adorable and once he’s “right” will be a fun little addition to his forever home. You were right when you said getting older isn’t fun for “man nor beast” – it’s tough even if you can understand what’s happening – it’s really rough imagining what it might be like if you did NOT understand it – especially for an animal.

    Hugs, Pam

  6. It’s so true about getting old no matter who we are. You are juggling a lot of things. Bodhi… makes me feel so much better about him, the fact that he is with you and your husband. Your intuitive thoughts and compassion are such a gift. Mickey is going to beat this issue, I just feel it. I couldn’t help but wonder if Bucky’s behavior wasn’t contributing to some of all of your need for peace. Hugs to you all!

    1. Bucky is definitely a handful. He’s an adolescent dog who has had a very tough road, so not his fault. But he is still a handful!!

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