Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating today. I am always grateful for this community, but extra grateful for all of you today.

And very thankful that there is good foster news.

Bucky went to his forever home tonight and within just two hours, he and his new canine “sister” were cuddling up together. Here’s the new family:

I don’t think Bucky even misses me. I got tons of texts this evening that Bucky and Molly were giving play bows to each other and were inseparable and cuddled up together. In seems they were both very happy to have a canine friend, and they are on their way to being BFFs.

His new human family is over the moon happy this evening, and so am I. And thankful beyond imagining.

The news on Mickey is also cautiously optimistic. He saw the vet on Monday and I was afraid they were going to say it was time to put him down, but that’s not what happened. Mickey is still bright and lively, even though he was losing weight quickly, and the vet felt that he is a fighter so we’re going to keep fighting with him. He is now on a daily steroid, which isn’t ideal for a kitten, but it is necessary nonetheless. And we started him on a new prescription food, Hills’ prescription Gastrointestinal Biome wet food. The combination of the pancreatic enzyme powder and the new food, and the steroid (along with the weekly B12 shots) may be helping him turn the corner. The weight loss has stopped. He isn’t gaining yet, but he’s not losing anymore. And (alert…poop conversation is next in case you want to skip the gory details…) Mickey has gone from having 12-14 loose stools a day, immediately after eating, to having only 2-3 per day, and NOT for many hours after eating. Today the stools actually have form instead of looking like pancake batter. I have to believe weight gain is just around the corner.

Mickey will be on his current dose of steroids for a week, and then we will reduce it a bit and keep going down little by little until we find the lowest dose of the Prednisolone that works for him. He actually wanted to play with the wand toys with his brothers today, so I hope we’ve finally found a way to help the little guy

He absolutely charmed the vet – he is a very sweet kitten. He’s filthy from shoving his face and legs into his food for weeks, and pretty stained right now, but the techs said to just keep giving him gentle cleanings with a washcloth and water, so he gets cleaned after each meal now, and eventually the fur will be replaced by new fur. Despite looking like a slob, he really is adorable.

So, I am thankfully that Mickey is a fighter and hoping we don’t lose this little one after all.

Lastly, in my thankful list, Mickey’s brothers are being adopted by a wonderful family with a 2 year old cat and an 8 year old dog. They have adopted from Castaway Critters twice before and I know Miller and Austin will have a great home. The adopters met Miller and Austin as our adoption event last weekend, and they will go to their new home late next week after they are neutered on Tuesday.

The house will be very quiet with so many fosters off to their homes. But our own animals will be happy. Gracie and the cats were ready to help pack Bucky’s bags this afternoon, and are reveling in the quiet, and in not having to share the human resources. With Bodhi dealing with old age issues we’re not going to foster any more dogs for awhile, maybe a long while. We’ll still do cats, but Bodhi and Gracie can’t really deal with fostering dogs at this point.

Lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and I hope the same is true for you. I wish you all a wonderful day! Thank you for being here, reading and responding. It means a lot to me.

23 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving…and foster news

  1. So thankful to hear positive updates on Bucky and especially Mickey. He is precious – and it sounds hopeful that he may get a break which he so deserves. We will pray he continues to progress. Meanwhile, THANK YOU for keeping the faith on both of these “challenges” and also for all you do for so many other animals. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. I’m so happy for Bucky and Mickey. Wonderful news. God Bless!!! And a big Thanks to you for helping them. I am thankful there are people like you out there helping animals who have no one else to help them. God Bless you and Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Bucky and Mickey have stolen my heart like no others you have had, so this is all wonderful news to be most thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you, for all you do.

  4. That’s just what Bucky needed! A friend his own age. BTW I could hear Gracie cheering him out the door! As for Micky, he’s adorable even as a little guy with food all over. I hope the treatment works long term. We will all be devastated to lose him. Thanks to you for doing all this to help them out. Having sick animals is nerve wracking whether you are fostering or they are your own. Take a breather and then bring on more kittens/cats for us to ooh and aah! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Marley.

    1. Bucky really did need a friend and my dogs simply refused to oblige, so I suspect he is very happy now. Ad I hear that Molly is happy to have a friend too. And we’ll keep on keepin’ on with Mickey. I’m sure he will be here at least a couple more months if all goes well, and then a breather! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dan, even in the midst of kitchen renovation.

  5. I’m so glad to read such good news about Bucky and Mickey!! Those two sweeties deserve all the good breaks they can get. And I’m so thankful you have been so instrumental in their good fortunes. It’s great to see Bucky happy with his new family! And little Mickey’s adorable albeit dirty face just grabs my heart strings!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Marley, Bodhi, Gracie, and all the kitties from Ducky, Bogie, Sam, and me!!!

  6. Bucky looks really happy, hamming it up for the camera. So glad all your hard work paid off and he is in the best spot possible – well done!
    Continuing to keep fingers crossed for Mickey. ❀

  7. Wonderful update on Bucky! I am over the moon with the news about adorable Mickey! Going to keep hanging on to hope for him. Bucky was a miracle in so many ways and I want a miracle for Mickey.
    Hope you had a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Bucky seems to be doing wonderfully with his new family. He went Christmas tree shopping with the whole family, including canine sister, this last weekend. It makes my heart happy to see him happy. Thanks for your prayers for Mickey too…he sure needs them! Happy howlidays to you and yours as well.

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