I don’t think I knew how tired I was until Bucky went off to his forever home last Wednesday evening. From all I hear he is doing wonderfully. Got to help his new family, including his canine sister, pick out a Christmas tree, and who knows what else. The report is that he is such a good boy. (Marley’s comment about that: “Bucky was holding out on us!!”) My guess is that he is loving having a canine friend, which neither of our dogs wanted to do for him. It may also be early days in his new home and he’s on his best behavior still. But I hope having a canine buddy is making his world more wonderful.

I have, however, been a slug most of the weekend. I’m completely exhausted after five months of managing Bucky’s needs, and have spent a large part of the weekend watching episodes of The Good Doctor on Hulu, reading a little, sleeping a good bit, and eating leftovers. I’m getting a bit more rested, but won’t be running any marathons soon.

Still on a bit of a roller coaster with Mickey, trying to get medicine dosages right, but he is stable, and no longer has diarrhea…has gained about 3 ounces. But a long way to go with him still, and I suspect we will be getting a referral to an internal medicine vet pretty soon. We are managing symptoms right now and keeping him stable, but we don’t really know what’s wrong with him. His brothers go to their new home Friday this week, and it is going to be a bit lonely for him here by himself, but we’ll try to keep him entertained.

Our only burst of energy this weekend was a dog therapy visit we did this afternoon, which was fun, and exhausting. Our team was invited to come to a Covid vaccine clinic for children, and 16 teams of dogs went around distracting kids getting shots, and spending time with them while they waited 15 minutes before leaving. (Sorry for the no-heads in the shots, but we don’t ever include faces in our photos, and especially with kids.)

Gracie had crowds of kids around her at times, and got enough pets to last her through the rest of the year! She was able to distract some of the kids who were worried about the shot – they get to pet her while it was happening and most didn’t even know that it was done. The parents loved seeing the dogs too, and everyone — parents and staff– were so glad we were all there. Staff folks told us that the clinic three weeks ago was filled with so many more tears and distress, and today ran easily and quieter. It was a good thing to be doing, and Gracie enjoyed herself.

We are, however, both tired. Satisfied and happy too, but tired. We’ve both had our dinner and we are chilling for the evening. I don’t plan to go to bed just yet…will try to hold out until 9 pm, but Gracie had no such qualms. She’s out.

She had fun, though. She is more than happy that Bucky is off with his new family. She’s been like glue with me all weekend. I can hardly move without stepping on her. She is on my lap the second I sit down, and though she doesn’t usually sleep with us, she’s been on the bed all night for the last few days. I think she missed her time with me while Bucky needed a good chunk of my time. She’s happy to have me back, I think, and trying to make sure she doesn’t have to share for quite awhile again.

I hope that you have all gotten some good family and/or friend time this weekend, that you had some fun, some good food, some rest. We had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and I hope the same was true for you.

20 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. Good for you catching up on rest – you definitely needed it. So many “ups and downs” with Bucky and Mickey. So happy Bucky is in a wonderful new home and while we’re happy Mickey is stable and even gaining some weight. Something obviously is amiss – maybe the internal medicine vet will have an idea. In the meantime, enjoy your holiday time – and of course catching up on R&R. If anyone deserves that it’s YOU!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Isn’t it amazing that given the right environment Bucky is settling down. You’ve been running on empty for a while with sick critters. Time for a breather. Fingers crossed for Mickey but at least you can’t hear his bark three houses down!

    1. Mickey can’t be heard three houses away, but he is still LOUD when he wants a meal. I have to get a video of him racing from the foster room to the bathroom where he eats…he is just too funny.

  3. I know you knew Bucky demanded much of your time, but amazing (to me!) what a difference it makes that he is rehomed now. Poor Gracie. She did pretty darn well with the little guy and is now making up for lost time. haha! Yes, I think Bucky was holding out on you! Oh, little Mickey. He has so many people pulling for him–and 3 ounces is a pretty big deal, isn’t it? I am keeping my fingers crossed that things continue to go well for him. Such a little cutie..

    1. Bucky just really wanted a playmate, and for many weeks he couldn’t have one no matter what as he healed, but he is loving it now! And yes, it is good Mickey has gained some weight, but I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet. We shall see.

  4. You deserve a long break after the Bucky marathon, for sure. Rest on your laurels!
    Bringing therapy dogs to vaccine clinics is brilliant. Even adults get edgy at these things. Good work, you two!

    1. The managers of the clinic had so many good things to say about the dogs being there. It made for a much less stressful day for all!

  5. I don’t think I could of kept up with Bucky. You put a whole lot of your heart and energy into that pup and now he is living a good life. I am glad you rested up and that you and Gracie did something together you both love. I am so happy to hear Mickey is not losing weight. I just think he is going to beat this thing!

    1. Bucky definitely stretched my skills and patience too some days! Paws crossed for Mickey still…specialist got schedule today for an appt in a couple weeks.

  6. Kn owing how many people – including adults – feel about shots and needles, it was a stoke of genius (or common sense) to have therapy animals around to help keep the worries away !

    We hope the “no news” about Mickey means he is still on the mend.

    1. I hope they ask us to bring the dogs for clinics again – it really made the day easier for all, and the dogs loved it. And Mickey is stable…he has an appt with an internal specialist mid-December now.

  7. I LOVE that idea-how cool is that! Bless you and Gracie for helping kids get through the vaccination process. It’s funny how therapy pups crash after visits. Norman was totally out most of yesterday afternoon after a particularly long and tough session. Rest and rejuvenate and please give Gracie and extra ear rub from us.

    1. The clinic was a lot of fun, fast moving and very active. After two hours Gracie was just glassy eyed!! But she recovered quickly. We’d do more clinics like that again if asked. Everyone was soooo happy to have us there.

      1. We need to find something like that. Another full day today for our assigned floor. Sadly most patient rooms had isolation carts outside so we only were able to bring smiles to nurses. But they were most appreciative. ❤

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