Eden’s doing very well here so far. She’s easily the most low-maintenance foster dog we’ve had. She stays in her enclosure most of the time, except for potty trips. The wood floors and her overly long nails aren’t a good match, so she’s getting a nail trim on Monday when Gracie goes to the groomer. They’ll just do Eden’s nails quickly at the same time. That should help her, but wood floors might not be her favorite anyway…we shall see.

I ordered her a sweatshirt since it is so cold out these days, and even with the house well-heated she’s a little chilly. She’s such a tiny thing and a little underweight, though we have put a couple ounces on her this week. She took to the sweatshirt right away.

She is an older dog and sleeps a good bit, but she does like to go outside, even in these frigid temps…6 degrees this morning. With snow and ice on the ground we don’t stay out long, but she spends a good bit of time sniffing the air and when the days are warmer I think she’ll enjoy walking a bit.

Her enrichment is all about food stuff. Nothing else interests her, but she’s a food hound! For lunch each day, (since I’m trying to put another pound or two on her) she gets kibble in a Kong, along with peanut butter and Kong sweet potato spread and that’s a big hit. She cleans the thing out every day. Her morning and evening meals are served on the snuffle mat.

Just for fun I wanted to see if she could manage an easy food puzzle and she had no trouble. (Never under estimate a blind dog!)

Just about the only activity that Eden likes that doesn’t involve food is laps. She’s very happy to curl up with someone and watch tv, and she’s very happy to be wrapped in a blanket for a warm lap after a trip outside.

That’s the scoop on Eden so far. She’s had only one potty accident since the day she got here, so that’s fantastic. We’re gradually expanding the time between visits outside to see what the best interval might be, but it is looking like 3 hours or more. And she can go nine hours overnight in her crate with no accidents either, so I think she has been potty trained in the past, and like many foster dogs in a new home, accidents are expected at the start. She’s a sweetie, and I hope we can find her a great home.

15 thoughts on “The Fosters: Eden Settling in

  1. She’s adorable and looks quite “girlie” in her sweatshirt – plus I’m sure it takes the chill off since it’s so darn cold. Glad she’s adjusting – she is a cutie and we all hope she finds a perfect forever home.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. She is a cutie, and would be a wonderful companion for a quiet household. Checking her out at the vet’s with a couple questions next week, and then hopefully she will be ready to post for adoption. In the meantime, she’s an easy house guest.

    1. She’s a nice little dog Little tiny dogs like her aren’t generally my thing, but she’s okay.

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