Here are the other two coming Monday. All have car names: Mercury, Mustang, and MG. They came from a hoarding situation and have been with a foster who is attending to medical stuff. They come here Monday and I will continue with anything needed and take them through to adoption. Stay tuned for pictures when they are here and settled. (They will overlap with the C Litter kittens by a couple weeks…hoping to get all their forever homes finalized this weekend, and then off to their homes right before Valentine’s Day, and then this group moves into the permanent foster room. Phew!)

19 thoughts on “The Fosters: Coming Attraction Part 2

  1. What little sweethearts they are. So sad about the hoarding situation, but thankful they have been rescued. I love the names, too!

  2. They are gorgeous! (When did I not think a kitten or any cat for that matter, wasn’t gorgeous!) Will you be able to put them together with the older ones? They look kind of sad but maybe that’s just confusion.

    1. They can’t meet the other litter in part because they are still getting antibiotics and eyes meds – part of why eyes look a little sad. And they haven’t been tested for FIV/FELV yet either.

  3. They are absolutely precious……you sure are going to be on “kitten overload” but what joy and fun with all those tiny critters playing and exploring. Nice of you to help out with this threesome.

    Hugs, Pam

  4. What an adorable bunch of kittens! Barry asked if….I said no. 3 is enough for us! Ha,ha! They sure are lucky to be with you. Enjoy!!!

    1. Barry, Barry…really?! You do have plenty of cats for now! Maybe Barry should become a foster, but I doubt he would be able to adopt the kittens out when ready.

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