We are back from vacation, our first whole week off in at least a decade or more. This semi-retirement thing with pet sitting is good…no more working 365 days a year. We were off to Massachusetts to see Marley’s family, so it was an easy and relaxing week away.

Another part of the fun was visiting with three of my blogging buddies from here along the way. We visited with Kate, Views and Mews by Coffee Kat, and also Eliza Waters (which is also the name of her blog.) Finally we visited with Katrin, an amazing dog trainer and certified behaviorist who has helped me with various foster dogs and even Gracie over the last couple years. It was great fun to meet them all in person, rather than in print or over Zoom.

We did A LOT of walking over the week, more than 20,000 steps one of the days.

/Gracie, who traveled with us, was totally trashed after 17,000 steps (with four legs, does that mean she did 34,000?) by 1:00 one of the days.

Speaking of Gracie, she was a phenomenally good traveler. Always game to go everywhere, happy to be in the car, didn’t get carsick, quiet in the hotel, and did her therapy dog thing greeting everyone who wanted to pet her. The staff knew her by name after a couple days, and would call to her to get their pets in. She did great!

She even did well spending a day with her canine nephew, Jupiter, who is an 11 year old lab. We left Gracie one of the days with Marley’s nephew and his wife (and kids after school), and the cat, who wisely stayed high up from Gracie, and Gracie did great with Jupiter. They had some nice walks together, and just hung out for the day.

Marley’s brother and sister-in-law got to experience the Gracie effect. Everyone who sees her has to coo over her and pet her. And she’s happy to be the center of attention. She really loved being the only pet for a week with us. We would definitely travel with her again.

I won’t bore you with all the walks we took along freedom trails, and battle trails, etc., but we did enjoy a day at the New England Botanical Garden at Tower Hill. We were lucky enough to get there while the tulips were at their peak, and saw many other wonderful things as well. A few photographs will have to suffice.

The magnolias were also in bloom.

We are home after a long day of driving, and it is good to be home with the various pets and kittens. The wee ones gained a lot of weight while I was gone, but they are still itty bitties for a little bit longer, and the Donald Duck gang is just plain big, and very ready to start the adoption process. Tomorrow I will post them as available.

Back to life and reality, but it was very nice to meet some of my blogging buddies, to meet their pets in some cases, walk their beautiful acreage, and enjoy their hospitality all around. A delightful week off, and it is still nice to be home again.

23 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Well heaven knows you deserved the break and it sounds (and looks!) like you all – including Gracie – had a very nice and relaxing time. The tulips were amazing….so beautiful. Everyone needs a break – glad you got one!

    Hugs, Pam

  2. It was great to see Gracie (and you and Marley too!). After you left the cats spent a lot of time “smelling.” Sasha said, “I smell dog!” I don’t think you were completely out of the driveway before they all came out to have a look! Glad your trip was good. Pet sitting isn’t as glamorous as it looks. You deserved it!

    1. I bet the cats were very curious about the dog smell once we left! We loved getting to visit with you all again. Maybe we can get together again sometime in the fall. We may vacation around your area…we shall see.

  3. It sounds like a great week. I think Gracie wants more traveling time! You deserved the vacation. Loved seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Gracie really is a great traveler…who knew! She will definitely figure in future vacation plans.

  4. Welcome back. Glad you had a wonderful time away. What gorgeous garden walks-those tulips are fabulous! Sweet Gracie…sounds like she’s the consummate workaholic. 🤣

    1. Gracie just loves meeting people. She’s a bit offended if someone isn’t interested in her. She gives me this look that says: “What’s wrong with that person??” Too funny.

      1. Good therapy dogs are like that. It’s funny to see them trying to wrap their heads around someone who isn’t into them. They don’t get it (nor do I for that matter). 😉

    1. Thanks, Cindy. It was good to get away. We plan to it again before the year is out.

  5. It was a treat to meet you all in person – Gracie is as charming as she looks… a true professional!
    Tower Hill looks lush with tulips and daffs – a spring bulb extravaganza!
    Glad the weather was favorable.

    1. We were at Tower Hill at just the right time for the tulips – a real treat. Glad you got to meet Gracie and we got to meet you in person. It was a treat for us too.

    1. I’m glad we could meet in person instead of Zoom too! It was a delight to get to spend some time with you and your pups.

  6. Glad you had a relaxing week! You certainly deserved it. I bet the kittens, both clans, missed you. Happy Spring and welcome back home.

  7. You and Kate together! That had to be fun! I am so happy you and your husband had a wonderful vacation. A decade since you both had a week off?… that is a long time. I bet Gracie DID have a good time. Thank you for sharing your photos!

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