A couple more photos of the newest foster crew. We know (or think we know) that there are 3 boy and 2 girl kittens, so they have all gotten names of characters from the soon-to-end TV show “This is Us,” one of my all time favorite shows.

The matriarch of the show is Rebecca, so momma kitty is Rebecca. She is the sweetest thing ever, and has that really silky soft fur that some cats have. She’s a wonderful momma cat, but she wants attention for herself too, not unlike the TV character. She’s a very special cat.

One of her daughters, on the show and with this litter, is Kate. Kate looks a lot like Nicki, but she has this cute little beauty spot by her nose. Her nose is white and Nicki’s is black so that helps too. Small differences separate these little ones!

Still working on photos of everyone else…little by little. An excuse to spend time with everyone, as if I needed an excuse.

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