The kittens are in the four-week range now, though their weights are still in the three-week range, but they are catching up gradually. This is a really fun period, since they are walking now, using the litter box some, playing with each other a little bit. And very vocal!

The kittens are in a plexiglass enclosure to keep them safe, but Rebecca can jump in an out using a cat tree. She often hangs out away from them for her naps and rest time, and jumps in regularly to feed.

Here’s the gang waking up from their nap. Rebecca wants lots of attention when I come in the room, and she’s torn between attention for herself and tending to her kittens, but ultimately she’s a very good mom cat.

Watching these little ones grow is always a joy!

16 thoughts on “The Fosters: Rebecca and the Kittens

  1. So adorable……the little ones are so adorable and active…..Mom does seem torn between wanting some attention of her own and tending to the troop! She is as you say though a great Mommy. What fun just watching them all.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Rebecca is pretty young and didn’t have much attention in her hoarding situation, so she’s loving getting the things she needs finally.

    1. They are just adorable, so much fun at this age while they explore everything for the first time.

  2. I think about what you have said with regard to Rebecca wanting lots of attention and I just thank everybody that was involved in getting her out of the hoarding situation. Watching them fills me with joy just knowing they will have a wonderful future.

  3. This is the cutest little family. I love hearing those little kitten meows, and Rebecca is so good with hugging and grooming them. That was clever of you to have her be able to climb back and forth like that. You have such good ideas with all these kitties.

    1. I learned lots of my ideas from those who came before me! There’s no end of people to learn from out there.

    1. Yeah, turns out momma wasn’t feeling well…see Thursday’s blog. I think she’s a bit more attentive now that she’s had some fluids – that always helps.

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