Just when things were going so well, I went to check on Rebecca and her kittens this morning, only to find a ton of diarrhea from Rebecca. She’d filled the litter box and moved on to the floor. Sigh. It resulted in a day of back and forth with the vet’s office, but the end result was a visit at the end of the day, after many more bouts of diarrhea for the poor girl.

Turned out she has a small fever, just 103, but a fever nonetheless. And she was incredibly dehydrated. So they gave her fluids at the vet’s and the rest of the bag came home with me to continue them on a daily basis for a bit. Because she is nursing she really can’t take very many medications, but she is now getting a probiotic with her food, and hopefully she can fight off whatever this is. I dropped off a fecal for testing this morning too. We’re very limited in what deworming we can do while she’s nursing, but we’ll see what’s up and go from there. Sigh.

The other worry is that 4/5 of the kittens went down, some significantly, in weight from Tuesday to Wednesday. The two smallest ones are really well below what they need to be, in the two week old range for weight, even though they are four weeks + old. So I got a lot of good hints and help from our bottle feeder today, and I am now supplementing those two kittens with kitten milk replacer every three hours during the times I’m up during the day, but not at night, at least not yet. But if they’ve lost more weight by the morning tomorrow (Thursday) the vet wants to see all of them too. Hopefully Rebecca doesn’t have a virus which she passes along. Given how dehydrated she was, that may have affected Rebecca’s ability to produce as much milk, so hopefully things will improve.

And the last crazy bit is that we will be getting a foster dog tomorrow, which I anticipate being a very quick turn around. Ace is a return from someone who adopted him last year, a 25 lb beagle/jack russell mix, about 4 years old now. His adopter became incapacitated and cannot care for him anymore He had 13 applications come in on him last year in just four weeks, and I’m hoping for a similar result this time around! He is evidently dog friendly, but not dying to play with everyone, and cat friendly – was fostered with cats when he was with us last. I have the commitment that if he isn’t good with cats, he will go elsewhere immediately. Our cats have been through enough in the last year. He’s supposed to be a good walker, and a generally nice dog. Hope so. He comes Thursday evening. This is a bad picture of him from last year…I’ll try to get better photos of the guy. He needs his vaccinations updated, a 4DX test, and a fecal, and hopefully he will be good to go. My goal is to get him adopted by the end of June (or sooner!).

As I said, it’s always something. I guess it keeps me on my toes.

17 thoughts on “The Fosters: It’s Always Something

  1. Oh dear……hope Mom and the kids will be alright – sounds really bad with that diarrhea though. Hopefully the treatments will work and this lovely family will be problem free and growing like little weeds with Mom healthy. Hope that Ace can find a truly “Forever Home” this time around…I often wonder what goes through these animals’ minds when they are shuttled around as much as is sometimes necessary. Bless you for taking on so much!!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Lots of challenges right now. I’m keeping my paws crossed for everyone.

  2. Oh no! I always read your post first because it’s so uplifting. Boogers. I wonder how she got it as she is isolated. Hope they can do something for the diarrhea. There are some meds I had for Hazel that shouldn’t harm the kittens. Another foster dog? You are so weak! 🙂 Hope he’s a good fit for all. Gracie doesn’t like her mom distracted with unnecessary dogs since she’s so wonderful! Fingers crossed for the two littles too. Love them cow babies!

    1. I am weak…you are right. And the other dog fosters are…well…not really doing a whole lot, even though the program is on hold. One would think someone else would have taken the dog, but anyway. There aren’t any meds for Rebecca that are kitten safe in terms of diarrhea, but she seems to be doing a little better today. Paws crossed that keeps going.

  3. After all the joy of the video yesterday, this just does not seem right. Poor Rebecca–and kitties! I hope the vet finds something that works for everyone. Oy. A dog. You do manage all of this so well. And I am glad you had your vacation already–welcome back!

  4. Fingers crossed for Rebecca and kittens, hope the vet had good news this a.m. And so much for ‘no more dog fosters,’ hehe. Needs must!

    1. I know I keep saying no more dogs…at least Ace, who got here this evening, is very nice and is oblivious to the cats. He’s super adoptable once we get him vetted.

  5. Well catfish! So sorry the kitties have taken a turn but hope they all bounce back quickly. Little Ace should be able to find a new home quickly. We have our fingers crossed he remembers his good manners from before.

    1. Ace is adorable, as it turns out. I don’t think it will be hard to find him a real forever home this time.

  6. We send purrayers and POTP to Rebecca and the kittens .
    We remember Ace from before, and hope he has happy memories too that will enable him to go off to a good home !

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