I am quiet for ages, and now y’all are having to see posts from me daily, but things are starting to quiet down a bit.

First of all, Ace is a doll. Easiest foster we have ever had or could hope to have. House trained, good walker, goes to sleep in his open crate when he wants a rest, easy with all the animals.

His only faults so far are that he was clearly allowed to beg food at the table….which will get him absolutely nothing at our house…and he doesn’t much care for the camera. Oh well. He slept through the night in a crate in our bedroom, no problem, doesn’t snore, doesn’t bark a whole lot…not at all today. He’s also a huge fan of his stuffed hedgehog, a constant companion.

It really doesn’t get easier than this. He is a lovely dog. He needs a couple weeks to decompress from the kennel he was in, and we’ll see if that changes things at all, but he seems like a wonderful pup who deserves a really good home.

As for Rebecca and the kittens…all good news. Rebecca isn’t nursing the kittens a lot, and I don’t think she actually has mastitis, just a lack of milk. So the kittens really chewed on her teats to get what wasn’t there, and that’s why they were underweight and losing more. So I’ve taken over being momma for now, and am feeding them every few hours, and even once around 4 am today so Rebecca doesn’t get nursing calls overnight. The results of the kittens eating the slurry have been amazing.

Here are the weights before and after a day of eating the slurry for a day:

Miguel: 282/314 (grams)

Nicki: 424/466

Beth: 278/323

Toby: 359/403

Kate: 337/383

As I said to the adoption coordinator, Wow! and Phew! So I will keep feeding them every 3-4 hours and probably once overnight for a bit, and hopefully watch them grow into weights more appropriate for their age. They should all be in the 500 grams range by now.

Everyone seems a bit more settled for now…maybe we can have some quieter days for a bit. The pet sitting schedule is very busy for the next week, so it would be lovely if the fosters could stay nice and stable for awhile. Paws crossed.

17 thoughts on “The Fosters: The Roller Coaster Levels

  1. All good news…….Ace has an adorable expression – he’s happy there with you and maybe able to relax. The kittens – WOW what a change for them. They will be proper weight in no time. YAY!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. So thankful things are turning around for the kittens…that was scary! And Ace is doing great. He’s a really great little dog.

  2. This is great news. The theory on chewy her sore sounds like it holds some truth. My mother nursed me until I bit her (early teeth). Then I got a slurry too. Her I am today, perfectly healthy (although a bit shorter than I’d like!). Yay to the gang.

    1. I bet a couple of the kittens – the ones who were the most below where they should have been – will be little too. It could be worse. They could have been dead. If they’d stayed in the hoarding situation they were in, they would have been.

  3. Such great news! Ace is a handsome boy and the kitties…they are precious. They are the most beautiful little ones–I love their markings.

  4. All good news. Ace seems like a real sweetheart, and I am glad the kittens are taking the slurry. Mom Rebecca needs a break from the kids. Hope all gets easier for you from here.

  5. Great news all around. Good on you. Ace looks like a real sweet boy (a Puggle perhaps?). Good luck that all things continue to move in the right direction with extra paws crossed for Rebecca. Gosh, she’s had a rough go of life as a mom. Poor thing. Hope you are able to keep rested through all those feedings. The weight gains seem impressive.

  6. I’m certainly glad things have gotten a bit easier for you! Though having to get up at 4 am to feed those hungry kittens doesn’t seem easy to me.

    Glad little Ace is so easy on all of you! Y’all needed an easy foster dog after the ones you’ve had up to now!

  7. Awww, Ace is such a good boy♥ That is the best news about Rebecca and the kittens! Great gains for the kittens for just being on the slurry for a day. It’s amazing how things sometimes just work out. I can feel the relief in your typed words. This was a joy to read today… I am so happy for you and the four foots!

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