This last week has been sooooo busy. I’ve disliked summers for many reasons for lots of years, but one of the reasons has been that the pet sitting schedule is unrelenting in the summer and by fall I am one cranky camper. I had a very busy pet sitting week this past week, and I’m bushed, but the nice difference now, with our semi-retirement schedule is that I have only one visit Monday and then nothing for 6 days. The two middle weeks of June are very full, but then I have another quiet week. That’s still a tough schedule, but at least the breaks make it more workable. I was counting on about half the volume of pet sitting we have now, but with everyone wanting to travel after being cooped up for two years, things are busier than I hoped. I hope it will calm down into next year and beyond!

On top of that’ things have been very busy with the fosters, but at least things are going well. We started the week with 11 fosters, and ended it with 10 when we adopted Ace. He’s turned out to be a marvelous fit for us, and he is getting settled little by little. We are truly surprised at how easily he has settled into our hearts and home. At his vet exam Wednesday it turned out he has Lyme disease, so is being treated for that. Otherwise he is healthy on the physical side, and we’re helping him on the emotional end of things. He’s easily startled, but we’re learning his triggers and how to manage them. (People coming to visit scare him a bit, so when we know folks are coming, we put him on leash. Give him a minute to see we’re okay with the visitors and he’s ready to greet folks.) Ace follows me around like a shadow and looks for confirmation that things are okay; once he gets that he’s pretty good. He’s a fantastic walker, and Gracie and Ace (Grace ‘n Ace now!) walk wonderfully together so we’re all getting good exercise. Ace does hate the camera, so he looks a little more worried than he is in the photos below.

All the exercise and a strict feeding plan that doesn’t include table food has him very close to his target weight of 24-25 lbs. He’s looking good, and so is Gracie who hit her weight loss goal to weigh 14 pounds this week. Woo hoo!

The Donald Duck kittens are growing and getting ready for their neuter surgeries at the end of this week, and they are going home 2×2. A young couple is adopting Donald and Huey, and a terrific school teacher is adopting Lewey and Dewey. I’m very excited about all the folks adopting them, and excited for their futures.

They leave June 6th, and after a fast and furious clean up of the usual foster room Rebecca and her kittens will move in there. Because Rebecca was not nursing the kittens, I got to be mom, and have been feeding all of them four times a day, along with Rebecca. The kittens have been living in my plexiglass enclosure I use for the smallest kittens, but this last Friday I came into the room to find two of the kittens outside the enclosure. Put them back in and in 10 seconds they were back out, so that was the end of the enclosure. The room they’re in isn’t perfect for fosters, so I did my best to kitten proof, and it is holding for now, but I can’t wait to move them to my regular space.

Rebecca had to see the vet on Wednesday (right after Ace) because she was beginning to develop mastitis, and they put her on antibiotics. She’s doing better, and she’s even nursing the kittens a little now, but they rely more on mealtimes at 6 am, 11 am, 4 pm, and 9pm. They have been getting a slurry of kitten milk replacer and Royal Canin’s Mother and Baby Cat Mousse, and I’m gradually getting them mostly onto the Mousse. By the end of this week they should be able to eat just the kitten food without the milk replacer, and once I move them to the regular foster room, they can start on some baby kitten kibble. They are all growing, though most are still a bit behind the weights they should be at by now, but they’re getting there.

So, with a really full schedule, and 16 animals in the house, it has been a challenging week. I love the Donald Duck kittens, but will be glad to see them leave to great homes in another week, and have only one foster room to keep up with. Plus the “this is us” kittens should be eating more on their own in another week, before things get really busy with pet sitting again. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy a quiet week, catch up on a few things, and enjoy not having clients I need to get to by 7 am and in the evenings for a bit. Maybe get Grace ‘n Ace out for some good walks, read a book or two, rest.

Have a good week, everyone. Thanks for reading here.

17 thoughts on “The Fosters: Catch up on the houseful of critters

    1. Ace can’t stop smiling either. He’s very happy to be home for good this time.

  1. Yes you deserve a staycation! Love those cow babies and I’m so glad the others have homes 2×2. That’s the best. They can blame whatever they do on the other cat! 🙂 Just like kids.

    1. The little cow kittens are getting very active with each other now, wrestling and chasing. Such a fun stage!

  2. Sounds like your furry friends are enjoying their life! Glad to hear Ace is doing great!

  3. Holy cow…16 pets in the house? And you still managed to do a post? Wow, you’re amazing. Congrats on adopting the now slim and trim Ace. It’s easy to see how he captured your heart. With all you have had on your plate, I hope there is some down time where you can re-energize.

  4. Hope nothinginterrupts your plans to do a bit of catching up this week,…speaking as another cat parent 1

  5. I’m glad all is well, busy, but well. Ace is looking good. He reminds me of Eddie, the dog off of Frasier. Eddie was a cutie pie, too. Enjoy your slow week.

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