The Donald Duck kittens went off to their forever homes today, homes I’m really excited about. I think they have wonderful lives ahead of them.

Their departure allowed me to do a very quick clean of the regular foster room, and move Rebecca and her kittens into the big foster room. The other room they’ve been in is really too small for an adult cat and five kittens, especially once the kittens are mobile, which they definitely are. The last week or two the space has been less than useful, and I was so happy to move everyone today. The kittens and mom wasted no time at all enjoying their new space. Here are the kittens, just a few hours after the big move.

Most of them are still under weight for 7 week old kittens, but they are doing better on that finally. We tested their fecal last week and the poor things had both coccidia and hookworms, a double whammy. With medication on board for that they are finally gaining weight at a better rate, and should catch up soon. But they are obviously not being slowed down by all the parasite load, especially as we are nearing the end of the deworming med schedule.

They are also a little bit on the shy side, so I put out a call to local folks, and I have a variety of people coming in over the next week to cuddle the kittens and get them used to meeting lots of people. I’d love to see them a bit more social before it’s time for them to find forever homes.

There is always huge need for fostering during the summer months, known as “kitten season” in rescue. The second room we were using isn’t terribly functional once kittens are able to get out of the enclosure, but Marley and I are planning to get rid of an old dresser and shelves – that lovely blond stuff from the ’50’s (1950’s that is) that Marley has from his parents and we don’t need, and that would both make the room more spacious and also eliminate a big hazard – kittens getting stuck under the low dresser. Once we get that sorted out, Rebecca will get to use the room to recover from her spay surgery next week, without kittens messing with her, and then we will be ready to take in a second group of kittens in that space.

That’s the foster story for now. So much need out there…and we’re looking forward to being able to do a little more soon.

16 thoughts on “The Fosters: Transitions

  1. Those poor kittens sure have had a rough ride with parasites but at least they are still gaining some weight – the idea to have friends and neighbors come over for a kitty cuddle to get them more socialized is super. Wish I lived next door! LOL Kitten season does mean extra work for foster homes – bless you for taking that on!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. You’ll just have to send virtual cuddles! It is nice, finally, to see them doing better.

  2. It’s a good thing I don’t live in your neighborhood. I’d bring my jammies and toothbrush and stay with them. Sasha says that next to her, they are the most beautiful of all kitties! Good luck to the duck group.

    1. Well, you’re not that far away. You’re still welcome to bring your jammies and stay with them. There’s a nice futon on their room now.

  3. Great news about the Donald Duck kittens! I wish them all a happy new life!

    Glad, too, that Rebecca’s kittens are starting too gain wait! Like Pam said great idea having friends & neighbors stop by for kitten cuddle sessions! Hopefully fun for all!

  4. Never a dull moment there. Who wouldn’t love playing with kittens?
    I remember that blond furniture from my childhood, and still have a cedar chest. It has become popular once again, or at least it was. I’m hardly an expert on fashion, hehe! šŸ˜‰

    1. Well, maybe we should post the dresser online and see what we can get for it!!

      1. Absolutely… it may fetch a good price. A quick search on Etsy had prices from $300 to over $1000. It would depend on its condition, I expect. Worth a try… perhaps there is a vintage furniture store nearby that may want it?

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