It has been a crazy week, but we expect that in summer when pet sitting season and kitten season collide. After Rebecca and the kittens moved to the usual foster room, we decided we could take two litters at a time for the summer, at least, so we have quickly converted the room Rebecca and kittens were in, into a real foster room with all the amenities. We got rid of some furniture that we don’t need/want and was taking up space, and got all sorts of things foster rooms need, so here is foster room #2.

It’s a smaller room than our main foster room, and I think the limit for mobile kittens (versus newborns) is about 4 kittens, which is perfect since we are getting another group of four kittens this evening. It could also work for a pregnant mom, a sick adult cat, or any number of newborns, for at least awhile until the larger room is available.

A quick update on Rebecca…she has an excellent adopter, a former adopter from Castaway, so she gets spayed this Tuesday and will be going to her forever home in a couple weeks. She’s at that stage where she’s pretty much done with the kittens, so she will be glad to get out of the foster room, into a home with all kinds of space and good things.

Kitten cuddling has been going well. The kittens need lots more of it still, but several of them are coming around nicely. By the time they are ready for their surgeries and homes they should be a good bit more social, and hence, more adoptable! I’m very grateful for friends who are coming over to spend time with them. It really makes a difference at this age.

That’s the news in the midst of some crazy, busy days. One more week of a very heavy pet sitting schedule and them some quiet time for a bit. Can’t wait!

18 thoughts on “The Fosters: Foster Room #2

  1. Glad Rebecca is on her way…….Kitten Room #2 looks ready for occupation! Glad you can see a break coming your way – with the number of “residents” you have, you need a break…….

    Hugs, Pam

    1. New kittens moved into room #2 last night, so back up to 16 animals in the house. Really looking forward to the pet sitting schedule taking a break a week from now!!

  2. I’m not surprised. At least fostering cats is easier than dogs. Before you know it, there will be incubators and all sorts of rescue going on. You have found your calling.

    1. Fostering cats is definitely easier than dogs. And I would be delighted to have an incubator and all the other amenities…time will tell. I think you are right that kitten fostering is my calling. Too bad it doesn’t pay a salary!

      1. Next time you come through we have to try to get a tour of Foxy’s Cradle. Link up with them on Facebook to see all they do. BTW nothing fun pays a salary! 🙂

    1. Sure, you can come living in my foster room, but it might be a bit tight for you and the pups! The new space is now occupied and doing well.

    1. It makes my head spin too. If I make it through Friday this week things get much calmer for a bit, and I’m ready!

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