The Fosters: The Halifax kitties

The kitties found in a barn in Halifax arrived that evening. They were pretty freaked out about the change in venue but they are doing much better today. They have some eye stuff that will be checked by our vet on Wednesday, and I am sure they are packed with parasites, so a fecal went for analysis today. But they don’t seem to have any upper respiratory or other issues. They were supposed to be 6 week olds, but they are older; one of them is just about big enough to be neutered. They all got front claw clips last evening since they had talons on those paws, and I could barely hold anyone, and have the scratches to prove it. They are doing much better today, eating well, and enjoying the space. They got introduced to the Cat Dancer toy and took to it in seconds, so I am pretty sure they think their lives have improved a good bit.

Here’s just a short video to introduce you to the gang: Wendy, Oliver, Luna, and Billy.

Welcome to foster room #2 little ones. Happy to have you as the inaugural kittens.

15 thoughts on “The Fosters: The Halifax kitties

    1. I think the eyes will probably just need a little Tobrymycin and they will be fine.

    1. Actually their first foster mostly named them. I changed two names – Willow to Wendy and Binx to Billy. I like names that clearly indicate gender so people can know that when they are looking for a kitten to adopt.

    1. Wendy was looking at the ceiling fan that I’d just turned on. Everything is new to these little ones!

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