It is a full week of pet sitting this week, so the universe decided it would be a good week to spend lots of time at the vet office as well.

Monday was a scheduled appointment for Rebecca’s kittens, a general look at them by the vet, plus their first distempers and the test for FIV/FELV (all negative ….hooray!). They are still battling parasites, despite all the dewormers. We are still battling coccidia, which is always hard to kick, and now giardia to boot. So they get two very yucky-tasting dewormers each day. This does not make them happy.

Tuesday was Rebecca’s spay surgery, so off to the clinic in the morning and a pickup in the afternoon. To keep Rebecca from bothering her spay scar, and to keep the kittens from comfort nursing, she is wearing a stylish surgery recovery onesie.

I think she looks good in purple, and I also have a blue one on the way…more on that story in a bit.

Wednesday the Halifax barn kittens went to the vet, and they have a little of everything. Lots of ear mites, conjunctivitis in the eyes, and loaded with parasites as well. They now have 5 different meds to be given a 7 different times of day, and I have an Excel spread sheet on that so I can keep track of everything. The good news is that the Halifax kittens also tested negative for FIV/FELV.

Wednesday evening I did a routine check of Rebecca’s spay incision beneath her recovery shirt, and her mammary glands were getting all swollen again, like they did four weeks ago. By Thursday morning, she was a mess, and I called the vet for an appointment as soon as they opened at 7 am.

So here we are at Thursday, and Rebecca was seen and has mastitis again. A little tiny fever, a good bit of pain. So she has pain meds and antibiotics, and that’s been added to my growing Excel spread sheet.

I am so hoping that everyone is now settled healthwise, and I won’t need to see a vet on Friday. I love my vet practice, but a day off would be good. I have an appointment Monday for a basic annual for one of our cats, so they won’t even have time to miss me.

One more heavy day of pet sitting Friday and then the schedule tapers over the weekend to just one visit Tuesday, and then a nice break until the July 4th week.

Have a good weekend everyone. Keep your paws crossed that we can be crisis-free in rescue land for a little bit now!

18 thoughts on “The Fosters: Vet Week

  1. Oh you certainly MORE THAN DESERVE a break!! That schedule is brutal but will lead to a LOT of happy and healthy kittens ready for homes. Bless you for all you do……it’s a HUGE undertaking.

    Hugs, Pam

  2. When you have to break out the Excel spreadsheet, you are talking serious stuff. Rebecca does look cute in that onesie, though. Poor kitties. I hope they all get well. And you stay sane.

    1. Thanks, Lois. If I get through today, it get so much easier!! And I’m gonna through today.

  3. The silver lining is that they are all too small to give you a big fight when medicating them. Sorry to hear about the mastitis. Rebecca is one lucky cat though.

    1. Hmmm….how many kitten have you medicated?? A couple of them are pretty good fighters, which is why they get regular nail trims, and I’m getting very good a burrito-ing the hard ones!! Hoping Rebecca feels better really soon, and I’m so glad her adopter was fine about waiting until she is 100% well.

  4. Oh gosh, you continue to amaze me with your ability to juggle so much at once. Here’s hoping you get a break from the vet. LOVE that purple onesie. ğŸ¤žğŸ¼ What a brilliant idea! And so pretty.

    1. No vet visits today – hooray, and phew. Rebecca is wearing a baby blue onesie today. I ordered a second one for her so I could clean the purple one. A girl just can’t keep going around in dirty clothes forever.

      1. Not until Monday, but that’s just an annual for one of our cats. Wouldn’t want to vet office to forget who I am.

    1. I actually sleep badly when fosters/pets aren’t well, and I had a client cat not doing well this week too that kept me awake a night or two. Don’t want to jinx myself by saying things are calming down, but they seem to be, so paws crossed for that and for some good nights of rest!

  5. Rebecca looks like she is doing well with the onesie. She looks cute in it but I hate that she had mastitis again. It sounds like you have all things medical settled down for them. Glad that Rebecca’s kittens are all negative FIV/FELV. I hope you are able to kick back a bit and relax.

    1. Things are quieting down on the pet sitting front today for the next 10-11 days. The breather is most welcome. And Rebecca is doing much better, thankfully. She has an adopter patiently waiting for her.

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