Here, finally, are some photos of the kittens who came from a barn in Halifax, a town a bit north of us. They came in with a little bit of everything: ear mites, bacteria and yeast in ears, conjunctivitis in the eyes, a little upper respiratory stuff, and plenty of internal parasites. The poor things have been getting medicine day and night, but we are making progress. And they are a very sweet bunch, especially Wendy who likes nothing more than cuddling on your lap…even her toys come second to that. So here they finally are individually. These are just phone pictures for now, but they’ll do for the time being.

Wendy, wondering why she isn’t on my lap right now…

They’re a fun bunch, even with all the crud they have from living their first month or two in a barn. They’re going to make some people/families very happy!

13 thoughts on “The Fosters: Meet the Halifax Kittens

  1. They are just darling and hopefully after their medical issues are taken care of they will be well on their way to their forevers……….so cute!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Wendy is an absolutely darling. Someone who wants a cuddle kitten will be very happy with her.

  2. I agree… Adorable… all of them! Wendy has the head tilt going on that captures hearts but Luna’s worried little eyes get me. I know she isn’t worried, I see these eyes on a lot of gingers. Probably no reason for it in particular. Little mouth on Billy♥ They all have something that grabs me… of course, they are adorable kittens!

    1. Luna’s eyes are still struggling with the conjunctivitis, so that’s why they look a little off. They are much improved and getting better each day, thankfully. They all looked terrible when they came in nearly two weeks ago.

  3. Little sweeties, all of them. Wendy certainly has the cuteness going, but Luna….I want to hug her and say, “It’s all going to be OK.” And the boys–so handsome. I love them all.

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